Herrin Compound – Scorcher Series 7/8/18

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Blake was at the Herrin Compound this weekend training and racing. Saturday was a practice day where Blake took a pretty hard hit. The rider in front of him crashed, unable to go anywhere Blake hit the motorcycle. He went over his handle bars and landed on his stomach, on top of the motorcycle. Blake’s motorcycle went flipping, caught up to Blake and landed on him. He got the wind knocked out of him and was pretty sore but all in all was okay. Thank goodness for his RS Taichi leathers he didn’t have a scrape on him. Later we noticed that his Shoei helmet had rubber marks from where the rear tire of his own motorcycle had hit him in the head. Praise God he was wearing all of his safety gear! Read more “Herrin Compound – Scorcher Series 7/8/18”

Scorcher Series Round #5

Herrin Compound Motorcycle Races

Decisions, decisions, boy it’s hard to make them sometimes, even about which motorcycle race to go to. This weekend Supermoto East Coast was holding their final round of the season at VIR AND the Herrin Compound was holding the final Scorcher Series round. Blake decided to go to the Herrin Compound thinking he would get more training time in and he had been to more of the rounds there than he had with SMEC. So, to Georgia they went.

Saturday’s Practice

Saturday was practice day. Blake only did one session on his KTM65 he spent the rest of the day on his Honda Stock 100. He had fun being on the track with James Stroud. James pushes Blake to be better and is helpful critiquing Blake’s skills. He pushed Blake and Blake was able to do a 43:8; which was Blake’s fastest lap time on the Stock100. Read more “Scorcher Series Round #5”

June 2017 – Scorcher Series Round #3

Herrin Compound

Blake was glad to be back on his motorcycle at the Herrin Compound.  This was his first race there since the final Frost Bite Race. He missed the first two rounds of the Scorcher Series because of scheduling conflicts. And, boy was he glad to be back. He enjoys getting pretty much all the seat time he wants.

Practice Day

Saturday was practice day. An older, uh hum…more experienced motorcycle racer, James Stroud (former pro) took time showing Blake lines to take on the Honda 100 motorcycle. He is racing that motorcycle more competitively with the big boys now and James was helping him out.


During one of the practice sessions Damian Jigalov and Blake got together and Blake crashed out on the Honda 100 motorcycle. Blake came back into the pits with his Shoei helmet scratched up, some broken levers and bent bars. But with the RS Taichi leathers from MotoLiberty and his other safety gear he was unscathed. However, he was complaining to his dad, Mike, that Damian cut him off. Mike told him instead of being upset or complaining about it go talk to Damian about it. Blake did and that night the two of them were hanging out and having a good time. Another life lesson that motorcycles has taught Blake. Who says there’s no value in racing motorcycles?

Read more “June 2017 – Scorcher Series Round #3”

Scorcher Series Round #5

Scorcher Series Round #5
The Herrin Compound


Blake and his dad, Mike, traveled down south to Dublin, Georgia. Blake was to race at the Herrin Compound’s Scorcher Series Round #5, the final series.


Due to some logistical issues Blake had to leave his KTM 65 at the Herrin Compound after Round #4. So, Saturday morning when Blake and Mike got to the track they had to change the oil in the bike and put new tires on. The tires on the 65 are 12” so changing those with tire spoons is not an easy task. But, they got them on and Blake spent the day practicing both on his KTM 65 and Honda Grom. Blake was surprised at how different his 65 felt with the new tires they were trying. After riding all weekend, he decided he would like to stick with the Mitas tires he usually ran.

Sunday was hot and humid, low to mid 90’s. The Georgia sun is not too forgiving. But, Blake wasn’t deterred and entered 3 classes: the F3 class on his Grom and the Middleweight SuperStock and SuperMoto classes on his KTM 65. Read more “Scorcher Series Round #5”