Frostbite Series – Round #6

March 26, 2017

Mike and Blake got away early Friday.  On the drive down to the Herrin Compound they talked about Blake’s goal for the motorcycle races would be just to finish them. They were pretty sure Blake was in the lead for points for the 2016-17 Frostbite Series so, there was no need to take any risks.  Blake was able to visit with friends and get a good nights sleep at the track.

motorcycleSaturday Practice motorcycle

Saturday was practice day and Blake rode his KTM65 and Honda Grom motorcycles for a bit but wanted to ride the Honda 100 more. He knew Jared Trees was going to be his competition and wanted to be ready for him. At one point during practice he tucked the front, a bracket grabbed his leathers and drug him down the track a bit. Both his helmet and leathers got scuffed but his body did not. Thank goodness for that Shoei helmet and those Taichi leathers! He picked up the bike, had some help from a friend, Heather Szymanik, to get it started and planned on making a couple of laps (his rule whenever he wrecks) before going in to check everything out. Meanwhile Trees came out on the track for some practice laps and Blake ran with him forgetting all about coming in for a break. Read more “Frostbite Series – Round #6”

2016 Frostbite Series Round #2

2016 Frostbite Series, Round #2

November 20, 2016

We are headed into the holiday season and people’s schedules are getting full. Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mike’s side of the family. Blake had a good time playing with cousins and eating a lot of food! After the festivities Blake, Mike and Abby left for Georgia. The Herrin Compound was hosting their 2nd Round of the 2016 Frostbite Series and Blake was excited to race his motorcycles.

Honda Grom


This was Blake’s first race after he and his dad switched his Grom to a GP style shift. In the United States typically you use your foot to pull up on the shifter to get to a higher gear. With GP shift, you push down on the shifter to get into a higher gear. So, his first race was the Grom class. Once the race started he was in 2nd and stayed there the whole race.


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2016 Frostbite Series Round #1

Blake Davis Racing
Frostbite Series Round #1
@ Herrin Compound

Blake Davis #122 heads to the Herrin Compound in Dublin, GA for 2016 Frostbite Series Round #1 for SuperMoto & MiniMoto Motorcycle RacingBlake and Mike took a couple of friends down to Dublin, Georgia this weekend to see what the Herrin Compound & the Frostbite Series is all about. Gary rode his motorcycle and Charlie cheered them all on. They woke up at the track Saturday morning to a little rain. Which just made it an easy going morning. As they were getting ready the skies cleared and they practiced in pretty nice weather. One of the things that makes the Herrin Compound a great place to ride your motorcycle is the hospitality of the Herrin family. Josh Herrin is the 2016 MotoAmerica 1000 Superstock Champion!!! So his mom, lovingly known as “Mama Herrin”, threw a celebration party welcoming everyone at the track Saturday night. It was fun celebrating Josh’s Championship.

Sunday, was the opening round of the Frostbite Series. This year there is more excitement buzzing because there is money to be won! Points will be recorded each motorcycle race and the points winners at the end of the series will be getting paid! Blake has started the series pretty well; he brought home 7 podium finishes!


Blake & Kayla Yaakov

Racing the Honda Grom

Blake definitely needs to continue working on his starts. So when he got the hole shot in the Grom class it was a big deal. Kayla Yaakov was right on him the whole race. Blake’s fastest lap time was 43.0 which, is pretty fast on a Grom, he finished in first place.

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The Final Frostbite Series Race

We got to GA Saturday morning with the warm temperatures and the sun shining.

A good day to watch some motorcycles!

FB5kayoSunday was race day and boy was it a busy day.  Blake was in six races.  He had a couple that were back to back which made trading motorcycles and transponders a little tricky.  My job was to confirm that the transponder was on the right bike.  I think I proved myself as a capable “pit crew member”. Read more “The Final Frostbite Series Race”