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Motorcycle Racing Championship @ Barber- 2022

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Surely you’ve heard by now, right? Blake is MotoAmerica’s 2022 Twins Cup CHAMPION!!!

Blake was tortured by MotoAmerica’s weekend schedule; having to wait until Sunday to race. However, it was all worth it. He started the race from 5th on the grid, had two good starts and two conservative entries into turn one off the start (there was a red flag and the race was restarted). Blake said, going into this race, that he wasn’t going to make any “desperate moves” or take any chances. He knew a top 6 finish would guarantee the championship so there was no need to push too hard.

The defending champion, Kaleb De Keyrel, was on a roll, pulled a gap and ran out front the entire race. Blake ran in second place for a few laps, before Taeg Hobbs passed him, and Blake backed off a bit. We could see the motorcycle sliding around making Blake uncomfortable, but after riding it for a bit, he got over it, made a pass and was sitting in 3rd with 2 laps to go. However, Ben Gloddy was able to get by him again.

The racers were close together while they were mixing it up, I was so scared someone was going to crash and take a few of them out and I was sure hoping it wasn’t Blake. It would have been gut wrenching if that was how Blake lost the championship. Blake showed the nose of his motorcycle to Gloddy one last time, wanting the podium for this last race, but decided it would be too risky and ended up finishing fourth in the race.

MotoAmerica followed the race’s podium celebration with the Championship podium. After pulling up to the podium Blake showed Chuck, Westby’s team manager, that he was wearing a special shirt, in memory of Dane Westby, under his Dainese leathers. It was his way of honoring the Westby team for all the help they gave.

The whole N2 Racing/BobbleHead Moto team was there cheering for Blake along with other sponsors and friends. Everything was going so fast. Yamaha handed Blake a shirt for Blake to put on that said DAVIS- Twins Cup CHAMPION (I’m sure glad he won) and Dunlop gave him a personalized electric guitar. As Blake accepted his trophies and awards, the emcee said super sweet things about Blake’s character.

We have a great group of people around us and appreciate you more than you know. Even though Blake pilots the motorcycle, racing is a team effort and the N2 Racing/BobbleHead Moto team worked hard. They truly care about Blake, his safety, and his career. There has been highs and lows, but with supportive teammates, friends, family, and supporters the whole ride is sweet. Thank you.

To God be the glory,



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