MotoAmerica – Indy (Oct 9-11)

Blake Race’s at the “Brickyard”

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a legendary track, no doubt. We read about its history before we got there and Blake had the chance to kiss the bricks and walk the track. It is cool that MotoAmerica brought motorcycle racing to Indianapolis especially during a pandemic and that Blake could be a part of it.

Motorcycle Qualifying 1 & 2

The weekend didn’t start out too bad. Blake did well in practice and had the 7th fastest lap time in the first qualifying session. But, in Q2, he tucked his front end in turn one and, as it happened, another rider came onto the track from pit lane and was taken out by Blake’s motorcycle. Unfortunately, Blake missed the rest of the session and would be 11th on the starting grid.

Motorcycle Race 1

Right off the start of the first race, in turn 2, Blake got pushed wide and when he looked to his side to get back into the race line, he saw someone flipping towards him. He managed to squeeze by, dodging the crash. The race was red-flagged and restarted. Blake was glad to have a chance to regroup and hopefully get a better start. But, it was a repeat, he got pushed out again in turn 2and lost a tow from the guy in front of him. Blake finished in eleventh. He said that he and the motorcycle were not “quite right” but, he couldn’t figure out why.

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MotoAmerica – Barber Motorsports (September 18-20)

Blake’s Repeat Finishes

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MotoAmerica at Barber was an exciting weekend of motorcycle racing. Blake loves being with people so, when fans are allowed at the races; the weekends are so much better. Blake got to see old moto-friends and made new ones. He had two exciting races AND added members to the BEAST Team!

BEAST Team Additions

Cap-It has super high-end tire warmers for cars and motorcycles, they have heated clothing and some kind of industrial heating blankets. But, the tire warmers are what we use and they’re great. Now, they’ve joined the BEAST Team. Meanwhile, BetterInvesting, a nonprofit organization, helped one of our moto-friends learn about investing. Now, they have “extra money” and wanted to be a part of Blake’s BEAST Team. TWO blessings in one weekend; we are so thankful!

Motorcycle Qualifying 1 & 2

Barber Motorsports Park repaved the track last year and it is nice and smooth. So smooth, Blake said it’s hard to feel what’s going on with his motorcycle. He was trying to get a feel for the track in practice and in qualifying. In the first qualifying session, he was way back, I think 12th. His times were consistently dropping and the same for the second qualifying where he gained a couple more positions.

Motorcycle Race 1

Blake gridded up for the first race, and had a good launch and got by two motorcycles. By the end of lap 1 he was in 6th place and trying to tag along with the motorcycles in front of him. One thing, I heard the MotoAmerica commentators saying was that the Junior Cup riders need to learn what is more important, passing the guy right in front of you or waiting to catch up to the group ahead. While trying to catch up to the 5th place guy Blake got passed and passed back but, the back and forth allowed the top 5 to get further ahead. But then, two of those top 5 crashed out and Blake found himself racing for 4th for the second half of the race. With one lap left, the crowd was cheering, I was so excited, the motorcycles went out of sight back by the museum and when they reappeared Blake was in 7th; what happened!?!? (Later I found out he got pushed wide.) He had a gap to close, and did, as they went into the back section. He was right on the back of 6th but, didn’t get enough drive onto the front stretch and stayed behind him, finishing in seventh.

Motorcycle Race 2

Race two started off with excitement when someone went into turn 5 trying to outbreak a group of motorcycles and tucked the front, taking out the racer right in front of Blake. It scared him a minute but he got around it but, stuck in the back of his pack. As they were getting closer to the front group Blake was making his way through the pack and finally got out front. Now, he could concentrate on catching 5th place up ahead and boy did he work hard putting down the 3rd fastest lap of the race. He got slowed up by two seconds once the pack drafted back up to him (something he’s struggling with) but was still in 6th coming onto white flag lap. Turns 2-4 are basically one really long right hander (and out of sight from the tower), mid-turn Blake spun up his rear Dunlop, and the motorcycle kicked him up and he saved it. But, he did get passed. Well, I’m watching from the tower, cheering for my racer and when he comes into view with motorcycles in front of him I apparently groaned and said, “Aww man” out loud because the crowd laughed, and when I looked, they were looking at me and saying, “It’s ok, he’s got it.” Shortly after that, a racer crashed and the motorcycle race was over. The scoring goes back to the last lap; giving Blake a 6th place finish.

Wrap Up

Last weekend, at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Blake finished 6th and 7th and he did it again at Barber. Just a little bit more to get on the box! The next MotoAmerica race is October 9-11 at the historical Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But, Blake will still be on two wheels, first, with KERMoto Champ School at the Herrin Compound and then at Summit Point with N2 Track Days. Catch a race online, on TV, or on the track. See you at the races!

The Ridge – August 29-30

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MotoAmerica has never held their motorcycle races at The Ridge Motorsports Park located an hour and half west of Seattle, Washington. There were a lot of racers who had never been there, including Blake. He loved the track layout and said, “There’s no corner on the track like any corner at any other track.” The last sector, turns 13-16, was the hardest part of the track for him to master but, he can’t wait to go back next year and ride again.

MotoAmerica – Pitt Race

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This past weekend MotoAmerica was racing motorcycles at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. It’s a 2.8 mile track with 19 turns. Most of the fans watch the races from “Spectator Hill”. From there you can see a majority of the race track and hang out with a lot of other race fans. It was fun seeing so many fans cheering for Blake under the BEAST canopy and having the BEAST girls in the crowd. Then, Sportbike Track Gear joined us again as Blake’s title sponsor with Fleet Relief offering support as well. How blessed we are!


Motorcycle Qualifying Sessions

Friday, the motorcycle racers got one practice session and then had their first qualifying session. Blake qualified 6th. He was hoping for better on Saturday and it certainly started better. He was 2nd in qualifying for a little bit then a red flag threw him off his game, he dropped back to 4th and by the end of the session was down to 9th. In Atlanta, he raced in a pack for both races and in Pittsburgh’s qualifying was still hung up with those racers. But, for perspective, there was only one tenth of a second separating the 5th place qualifier and Blake, crazy!

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MotoAmerica Debut

Michelin Raceway/Road Atlanta – July 31-August 2

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We just got home from Blake’s first MotoAmerica race. What an experience! We got to Michelin Raceway/Road Atlanta Thursday. Blake had to see the award-winning Brian Nelson, to have his “official” MotoAmerica picture taken. Then, we headed into downtown Gainesville, Georgia with MotoAmerica to do a meet and greet. They had corn-hole, giveaways, motorcycles, and umbrella girls to entertain the crowd. There was an emcee who introduced and interviewed the racers who all signed posters for those in the crowd. The emcee pointed out that Blake’s sister, Abby, was there and asked Blake if she was a supporter. The crowd laughed when Blake said, “No” and again when he explained, “She’s just more like a cheerleader.” Later he explained to me that she wasn’t a supporter because she’s not a sponsor; I was sure to clear that up with him. All in all, it was a good opportunity to introduce motorcycle road racing to more people.

Friday’s Practice & Qualifying 1

Friday the LiquiMoly Junior Cup kids (14-28 year olds) got a 30-minute practice. Blake did not like how the motorcycle was handling. Some adjustments were made before the first qualifying where Blake was 5th fastest. He, and all the other racers got faster Saturday and he qualified 8th in that session.
Each weekend the LiquiMoly Junior Cup has one motorcycle race on Saturday and one on Sunday. The grid position is based on everyone’s fastest lap time from that weekends two qualifying sessions. This weekend Blake started his races in eighth.