Our Sponsors

We are sincerely thankful for our sponsors’ donations and contributions to help make Blake’s racing aspirations a reality.  Therefore, we strive to professionally represent and promote all sponsors through social networking, a professional track presence, the Blake Davis Racing website, motorcycle forums, and the attention associated with top place finishes.
If you would like to support Blake Davis Racing and/or promote your business through sponsoring Blake, go to the “Donate” button below to make your contribution or contact us at blakedavisracing@gmail.com

Check out the wide variety of products and services that our sponsors offer.  Click on their links to shop now.  Thank you for supporting those businesses that support Blake and motorcycle road racing.

Better Investing

Established in 1951, they’re a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who has helped more than 5 million people from all walks of life learn how to improve their financial future. They provide unbiased investment education and powerful online stock analysis tools to create successful lifelong investors.

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BobbleHeadMoto specializes in used race/aftermarket and OEM parts for late model sport bikes. With many years of experience racing from novice to pro we can certainly help you with your needs.


Capit has been the leader in the production of professional tirewarmers since 1996. Thanks to experience, research and testing, in collaboration with the best automotive and motorcycle world racing teams, over the years has become a driving force in the domestic and international market.

Sponsor CE Webs

CE Webs

CE Webs provides website design, website management and commerce sites. Excellent support!  Special Sports Enthusiast Offer –  Rider Profile / Team Sites / Track Sites


Cornerspin is a school for all types of riders with the emphasis on how these skills learned on dirt apply to bike control on asphalt (race bike, sport bike, cruiser, motard, dual-sport). We call it a “Road Racing School Taught On Dirt” because the highest levels of skill to control a sliding a motorcycle on asphalt begin in the dirt.


Dunlop has been involved with racing at the highest levels and has been a major player in national and international motorcycle racing news. From international Grand Prix competition to US national AMA Supercross, Motocross, road racing and off-road competition, Dunlop has earned an unparalleled championship record.


Fast Bike Industries

Fast Bike Industries specializes in motorcycle suspension; both sales and tuning. They are the leading Ohlins service center and ONLY official North American importer for Andreani Group products and Robby Moto Engineering and Nitron Suspension.

Fire Codes Compliance

Fire Codes Compliance, LLC manages property fire protection assets for all occupancy types including hospitality, senior care, and student housing. We are proud to be a veteran-owned company that has a dedicated Subject Matter Expert assigned to every client account. Every inspection report, deficiency report, and repair proposal are individually reviewed.

Sponsor Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg

Honda – Suzuki of Lynchburg VA

Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg, VA Provides quality products from Honda, Suzuki, Aprilia, Vespa, Yeti. Side by sides, generators, coolers, four-wheelers, and of course motorcycles are just some of their inventory. Visit Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg to find your fun.

Sponsor Lucas oil

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.

Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil, additives, and lubricants for all vehicle types.

Moto Liberty - Dallas

Moto Liberty – Dallas

Moto Liberty is your source for motorcycle road race and street gear, clothing, safety equipment & other accessories.

N2 Track Days

N2 Track Days is all about improving your skills and allowing you to learn to ride your motorcycle to its fullest. Whether you’ve just purchased your first sport bike or have been riding the streets for years, this is the place for you.


SHOEI has long been synonymous with “premium” in the motorcycle helmet market. The production of the world-class helmet line is a meticulous process combining the latest in technology with consumer feedback, modern testing practices, advanced materials, and over 50 years of helmet building experience.

Stickboy Racing – a Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Dealer

Stickboy Racing is a tire vendor offering track side assistance to racers at various motorcycle events. They are making sure Blake Davis Racing is ready with the best Dunlop tires available. “Stickboy Racing is not just a vendor selling merchandise but racers selling tried and true products that we have used and believe in.”


RS TAICHI is ahead of the competition with protectors designed to reduce the risk of fatalities in the case of an accident. Their specialty is producing well-fitting protectors providing freedom of movement via thin and light materials rather than protectors of the past that used thickness to provide safety.