N2/WERA Motorcycle Endurance Race @ Nelson Ledges

Blake with Abby at Hershey Chocolate Tour
Memorial Day we left for New Jersey by way of Hershey Park. We took a tour and had some yummy chocolate. However, the special day was not lost on us. We honored our fallen by listening to podcasts of veterans tell stories of their fallen brothers. Which got us all the way to New Jersey Motorsport Park, in time for the Yamaha Dealer Day hosted by N2 Track Days, on Tuesday.

Yamaha Dealer Day @ NJMP

We met up with his MotoAmerica team, N2. Blake got to take a peek at the new Yamaha motorcycle, the R7, and got to practice on his MotoAmerica bike. There will be a MotoAmerica race at that track in September so, turning laps and getting feedback from his crew chief was certainly beneficial. It was also nice getting to see some of our northern moto-family. 
Test Day

N2/WERA 2-Hour Motorcycle Endurance Race by Dunlop

We had a couple of days at home and made it to Nelson Ledges in Garretsville, Ohio by Thursday for another track day hosted by N2 Track Days. It was a good day of practice for the endurance races that they and WERA were hosting on Saturday. 
Saturday, Blake qualified on pole for the two-hour race that he’d be competing in on his Yamaha R3 by himself. Once the race got underway, he pretty much checked out from the pack. Around the 30-40 minute mark, I realized he had lapped the entire field! 
When I asked him if there was anything exciting about the race and he said he thought he was going to crash one time. He was going fast into one of the right-hand turns and as he eased off the throttle the front end tucked under him and started sliding…for a while. Blake said, “I kept pulling, pullin, pulling, and it finally snapped back up.” Shew, that was a close one!
About halfway through, Blake brought the motorcycle in to get some fuel and quickly got back out into the race. He was doing so well, he had lapped his competitors 2, 3, and 4 times. With 15 minutes or so left in the race, we were feeling confident in his win when we saw him pull into pit lane. He was going slow and pointing; it was his chain! It had come off. Thankfully close enough to pit lane so Blake was able to coast back to his crew. The team quickly got the chain on, told Blake to take it easy and sent him out again. Once they had a plan, they called Blake back in, fixed the chain properly and got him back into the race. Those two extra pit-stops caused his huge gain to be lost but still finished at least one lap ahead of the competition and won the race!
Austin Miller Stops by to Congratulate Blake on His Win

N2/WERA 4-Hour Motorcycle Endurance Race by Dunlop

After lunch, the 4-hour endurance race got underway. Once again, Damian Jigalov got team, Going the Distance, started aboard the Robem Engineering 650 and put down consistent lap times. He had the team in 5th place when he passed the motorcycle off to Cassidy Heiser. 
Cassidy took over and was running some fast lap times when arm pump would not let him go any further. Thankfully, Damian was still in his gear and hopped back on the motorcycle until it was time to refuel. The crew did a quick pit stop and Blake took his turn on the Robem motorcycle.  
The team was down to 9th place at this point giving Blake a challenge. Now, remember, he just rode his Yamaha R3 for 2 hours! The 650 is so much bigger and heavier and Blake rode it for 1 hour and 22 minutes (122 just happens to be his amateur race number) bringing the team from 9th to 3rd when it was once again, time to refuel. 
For the third time, Damian got on, held the position, and rode until the race was over. Team, Going the Distance was on the podium, for third place!

N2 Track Days @ Pittsburgh International Raceway

With plans to test with Blake’s MotoAmerica team, N2, at Pittsburgh International Raceway on Sunday, we quickly packed up and hit the road. It was a short trip giving us time to set up the pit, grab a bite, hit the showers and the bed before it got too late.
As Blake’s mechanic, Mike woke up early to put a new engine in Blake’s MotoAmerica motorcycle as directed by crew chief, Shiloh Salopek. By the time Blake went out for his first session, Mike had it all ready. Then, after each consecutive session Blake had on the racetrack, Shiloh would debrief him and take notes. Mike would make any necessary changes and send Blake back out on the track again. It was a very productive day. The team seemed to be excited for what’s to come when Blake gets to race with MotoAmerica again next week.

Until Next Time…

Yep, we will be on the road again. This weekend we will be heading to Road America in Wisconsin for round 3 of the SportbikeTrackGear.com Junior Cup race. You can watch the race live with a MotoAmericaLivePlus subscription or delayed on Tuesday, June 15th on Fox Sports2 at 9pm. Or you could even come to the race; we’d love to see you! Stop by and say hello!

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