A Very Moto Spring Break

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We snuck away after school on Wednesday, March 9, and headed to Florida. It was Daytona Bike Week which is when the annual Daytona 200 takes place. It is as big to motorcycle enthusiasts as the Daytona 500 is to NASCAR enthusiasts AND Blake was going to be able to race. Not in the 200 (he’s not old enough) but ON the infamous Daytona Motor Speedway.

Daytona 200

Thursday was spent loading everything into the garages and prepping for Friday’s 200 practices and one of Blake’s races. Saturday, was the Daytona 200. It was fun watching everyone getting ready. The hot pits were busy; there was a fun “buzz” with so many people running around getting everything prepped and in place. The race is 57 laps, it’s basically an endurance race. The racers and their crew have to strategize their pit stops, when to change tires, when/how to conserve fuel.

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