What’s Happening in 2021?

The short answer, A LOT! But first, let’s do a little re-cap of last year.

Re-Cap 2020 Motorcycle Race Season

We all know Corona threw a wrench into everything and so it did for the MotoAmerica season as well. Some races were canceled, some postponed and all had to be overhauled to meet various locale’s mandates. By the time Blake’s 14th birthday rolled around (making him eligible for the Junior Cup), there had already been 4 races. But, that didn’t stop his friends and fans from giving him a huge welcome at his first race in Atlanta.
In addition to that, N2 Racing and SWG Motorsports allowed Blake to pit under the N2 Racing canopy. Blake not only had moral and technical support but, he also looked like he belonged in a pro paddock and could really show off his sponsors. Blake finished 9th in the 2020 Junior Cup Championship.

What’s Happening in 2021

So, now what? Well, as announced on social media, Blake will officially be on the N2 Racing team for the 2021 season aboard a BobbleHeadMoto -built 2021 Yamaha YZF-R3. Mike will be the mechanic following Crew Chief, Shiloh Salopek’s, direction. As for me and Abby, we will be keeping the team fed. To say we are blessed is an understatement! God has provided a way for Blake to keep racing and for our family to work together.

Blake will also be competing in WERA and N2 Track Days’ 2021 motorcycle endurance series that includes CRAZY payouts with Dunlop as the title sponsor. That came about when Mike Copoulus and Matt Spicer of Robem Engineering offered up a Suzuki SV650 for Blake to race. Blake thought he wanted to ask Jackson Blackmon (who finished 4th last year in MotoAmerica’s Twin’s Cup) and Damian Jigalov (who spent last year racing in Spain) to round out the team. Blake, Damian, and Jackson have been racing on and off together ever since Blake got on pavement and now, they will compete together in the 4-Hour Lightweight class. Go get ‘em boys! (Blake will compete in various WERA and CCS events when they don’t conflict with his schedule.)

Thank You!

The more Blake can be on a motorcycle the better. Whether it be on a dirt bike practicing with Coach Aaron Stephenson at Corner Spin, at WERA races, or at N2 Track Days events it’s all seat time that gives him the chance to hone his skills. This would not be possible without our moto-family and sponsors. We are so very thankful to our past and present sponsors, especially those that have stuck with us year after year.

Did You Know?

Did you know there are lots of things you can do right from Blake’s website? You can:
-Find out when and where Blake will be racing Race Schedule & Results
-Check out his race results Race Schedule & Results
-Get Blake Davis Racing Merchandise BDR Merchandise
-See what companies help Blake to perform well Our Sponsors

We hope to see you at the race track soon!