What’s Happening in 2021?

The short answer, A LOT! But first, let’s do a little re-cap of last year.

Re-Cap 2020 Motorcycle Race Season

We all know Corona threw a wrench into everything and so it did for the MotoAmerica season as well. Some races were canceled, some postponed and all had to be overhauled to meet various locale’s mandates. By the time Blake’s 14th birthday rolled around (making him eligible for the Junior Cup), there had already been 4 races. But, that didn’t stop his friends and fans from giving him a huge welcome at his first race in Atlanta.
In addition to that, N2 Racing and SWG Motorsports allowed Blake to pit under the N2 Racing canopy. Blake not only had moral and technical support but, he also looked like he belonged in a pro paddock and could really show off his sponsors. Blake finished 9th in the 2020 Junior Cup Championship.

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