MotoAmerica – Indy (Oct 9-11)

Blake Race’s at the “Brickyard”

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a legendary track, no doubt. We read about its history before we got there and Blake had the chance to kiss the bricks and walk the track. It is cool that MotoAmerica brought motorcycle racing to Indianapolis especially during a pandemic and that Blake could be a part of it.

Motorcycle Qualifying 1 & 2

The weekend didn’t start out too bad. Blake did well in practice and had the 7th fastest lap time in the first qualifying session. But, in Q2, he tucked his front end in turn one and, as it happened, another rider came onto the track from pit lane and was taken out by Blake’s motorcycle. Unfortunately, Blake missed the rest of the session and would be 11th on the starting grid.

Motorcycle Race 1

Right off the start of the first race, in turn 2, Blake got pushed wide and when he looked to his side to get back into the race line, he saw someone flipping towards him. He managed to squeeze by, dodging the crash. The race was red-flagged and restarted. Blake was glad to have a chance to regroup and hopefully get a better start. But, it was a repeat, he got pushed out again in turn 2and lost a tow from the guy in front of him. Blake finished in eleventh. He said that he and the motorcycle were not “quite right” but, he couldn’t figure out why.

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