MotoAmerica Debut

Saturday’s Qualifying 2 & Motorcycle Racing

MotoAmerica uses a light to start the races, which is new to Blake. Blake’s reaction time was a little slow, but he had a good launch getting up to 5th on the first lap. He stayed there most of the race until a huge group drafted by him on the back straight putting him in 11th. While working through the pack someone tried to pass him on the inside, but they crashed and almost took Blake out with them. But, he kept pushing and got up to 7th. Coming down the hill into the last turn on the last lap he went in wide hoping to get a good drive and maybe pick off one more motorcycle before the finish line. But, another rider managed to get under Blake in the turn. That was good on his part but then he sat up and before he cleared Blake’s front tire, came on over. Blake went into the grass to avoid a crash, allowing a couple more motorcycles to pass. Blake finished in 9th place.

Sunday’s Practice & Motorcycle Racing

With the help of his riding coach, Aaron Stevenson from Cornerspin, Blake figured out a few more things to help him do better in Race 2. He really felt like he would have the pace to keep up with some of the motorcycle racers that finished closer to the front in Saturday’s race.
There was only a 15-minute practice session Sunday morning then at 2:15 it was race time. Early on, he made it into 5th and was trying to break away from the pack. Going into turn 1 the racer in front of him braked before Blake expected, forcing him to sit the motorcycle up early. With so much speed he went over the curbing, almost running off track. His motorcycle bounced so hard up into his chest it knocked the wind out of him! Blake lost a ton of speed and got passed by a few motorcycles getting him stuck in that big group again.
The rest of the race was drafting. Blake got in front of the pack into turn 1 on the last lap but quickly realized he shouldn’t have. He didn’t want to be out front on the back straight (it would allow the guys behind him to draft by him). Blake slowed down going up into turn 5, hoping to be passed but it didn’t happen. Everyone wants to be in the lead by the end of the back straight so there was a lot of drafting and bumping into each other. Blake came out of that and down the hill, third in that group. Going into turns 10A & B he held off on the brakes getting by a couple more motorcycles and finished in eighth.

MotoAmerica Experience

Of course, he hoped to be on the podium but, he still knows how blessed he is. He has great sponsors who made sure he had everything he needed for the race. Sportbike Track Gear even called up to offer more help and be Blake’s title sponsor for his big MotoAmerica debut. And Brand Supply Company? They had Blake, his motorcycle, and his pit looking SO good; we certainly looked like pro’s! Blackhawk Racing, who are friends and sponsors, had a surprise “Welcome to the Pro’s” party for him Saturday night. Then, there was a ton of friends and family that took time to come to the race, tailgate, and cheer for him; it was cool seeing all the BEAST shirts around the track. He had a blast, lots of memories were made!

What’s Next?

Tuesday you can watch the race on Fox Sports at 9:00 and 9:30. This coming weekend MotoAmerica goes to Pittsburgh International Race Complex and Blake will be there ready to race! You can stream the races live on MotoAmerica Live Plus or take a spontaneous road trip and be there for all the fun.