N2 Track Days/WERA

N2 Track Days/WERA Endurance Motorcycle Races

Saturday was the N2 Track Days and WERA motorcycle endurance races. The returning lightweight champs, “4 Dudes on a Twin”, asked Blake to join their team for the four-hour race on their Suzuki SV650. Blake got a half a session of practice on it before the race and felt decent, running 1:22’s. Robbie Cichielo, Jr., who’s competing in the twins class at MotoAmerica, got the team started and had them in fifth place when he passed the motorcycle off to Blake. Apparently, Blake needed to get used to the bike again because his first couple of lap times were slow, like 1:28 slow. But, sure enough he started dropping his lap times. He was consistently running 1:21’s and even did a few 1:20’s. One guy Blake passed caught a tow from him. Blake was able to shake him off but then rode for about 15 minutes all by himself. When he caught a glimpse of a few SV 650’s up ahead of him, he pulled a couple of his fastest laps. I guess he was excited to feel like he was in a race again! Blake got the team to second place when he had to come in for fuel. Teammate, Musky, took over and kept them in second. During his pit stop to hand the motorcycle off to Steve the team fell into third. Steve built the motorcycle and wanted to get some time in but had Robbie, Jr finish up the race. The extra pit stop didn’t help them catch up but, they still finished on the podium in third place!

“4 Dudes on a Twin”

Formula 2 – Expert Motorcycle Class

WERA hosted their motorcycle Sprint Races Sunday and Formula 2 was Blake’s first race. He, “got a good start” (we always laugh at this because he says that a lot when he gives podium speeches) but, the bigger motorcycles blew by him on the straight. Into turn 1 he went around the outside of a few motorcycles and eventually began battling with third place, an SV650 motorcycle, who would pass him on the straights and Blake would pass the him through the corners lap after lap. On the last lap, he and the SV came up on some lapped traffic. They got around them easily but, Blake’s line got messed up and he ran wide in the corner, spun up his tire, and lost his drive, allowing the SV to get a little further ahead. He tried making up for it in the last corner and got on the gas a little too much, went out over the curbing onto the concrete, and lost his drive again, finishing fourth.

Light Weight Twins Super Stock – Expert Motorcycle Class

Light Weight Twins Super Stock was next. Same thing happened, Blake got a good start, all the fast motorcycles blew by him but, coming out of turn 1 he got to third position. He passed 2nd place in turn 5 and 1st place in between 6 and 7 and on the long straight they both passed him back. Then while hard braking into turn 1 a snake came out onto the track. The first-place motorcycle hit it flinging it in front of Blake. He didn’t want to be braking on top of the snake and slide, so he let go of the brakes for a quick second and ran a little wide. When they got around to turn 1 again, the snake was dead, right on the race line and Blake almost hit it allowing first and second to pull further ahead. The chicane was Blake’s sweet spot, all day that was where he was passing and he did a lot in this race. One lap all three of them caught up to a lapped motorcycle, 1st place got by him before the turn. Second place tried to go to the inside but got caught up, Blake whipped out around the outside and passed them both. He got back by Blake on the straight AGAIN and beat him to the line. Blake finished third.

Clubman – Expert Motorcycle Class

Mike and Blake decided Blake should start from hot pit in the Clubman race so, he could work on his passing. The official let Blake go at the same time as the other motorcycles allowing him to get around 2 motorcycles real fast. Then, coming onto the straight he was already up to fourth. The top 3 had pulled a gap but, Blake eventually caught up and passed them all. He was all by himself for several laps. He tried to be consistent, running 1:22’s, and finished first.

Mike Working on Motorcycle

Light Weight Super Bike – Expert Motorcycle Class

Four motorcycles got by Blake on the straight right off the Light Weight Super Bike start. Back in turn 5 he got by two of them on the brakes. He knew he needed to get a gap on them so they couldn’t get by him on the straight but one motorcycle still did. They repeated the same thing the next lap but Blake was able to gap him enough that time. Now, he was just trying to catch up to the 1st and 2nd motorcycle. He closed in on second and battled with him. They were doing about the same lap times so every time he or Blake would make a mistake, Blake would either catch him or lose ground; he ended up in third place.

Coming Up

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Saw Blake’s BEAST Shirt in the Paddock

All in all it was a great weekend. It was nice just getting to be with our MotoFamily again. Blake’s finishes weren’t too bad either. Next week we will be heading to Nelson Ledges for another WERA race. He’s still counting down the days until his birthday. He’ll be 14, making Road Atlanta his first MotoAmerica race, he can’t wait.