WERA @ Barber Motorsports Park (June)


The Davis family has grown! June 22nd, our oldest daughter got married; Blake has gained a brother-in-law and become and uncle. Needless to say it has been very busy around the Davis household. Then, the following Saturday while we were racing with WERA at Barber Motorsports Park there was a wedding and Blake was the ring bearer. Yes, the ring bearer. Wearing motorcycle riding gloves as he passed off the rings. It was quite appropriate for the setting! Last weekend Blake did a track day with N2 TrackDays organization at Road Atlanta. To welcome his new brother-in-law, Blake invited him to come give it a try. Hopefully Blake didn’t scare him off!
All that busy has kept me from sitting in one spot for very long, hence, making writing difficult. So, here’s my go at catching up on Blake’s race report.

WERA’s Regional Motorcycle Races

Both Saturday and Sunday’s motorcycle races were for points in WERA‘s regional competition. Saturday’s practices were cut way short because WERA was co-hosting a vintage competition. Blake got his motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 out on the track, for the first session and made one more lap around and then the session was red-flagged after another rider went down. His second practice session was only four laps. Needless to say, he couldn’t really gauge how he and the motorcycle were feeling.

Saturday’s Formula 2 Motorcycle Race

As the calls were being made for his Formula 2 race, clouds were starting to roll in. Blake was so frustrated. The last couple of race weekends there has been a lot of “in between” weather; raining here and there trying to decide between rain tires or slicks. Blake did not want to go through that dilemma again. Well, he didn’t have to, as the racers gridded up there was no rain. The race got started, and pretty quickly, so did the rain. Blake was doing good, he was in second. He and the other racers were on slicks which would make for a slippery race in the rain. The spectators could see Blake slow down which, made sense but, then it seemed he was slowing way down. Now, there were two SV 650’s, an FZ-07, and a 250 GP motorcycle were in front of him. You know, I have lots of knowledge on the track (cough, cough), and was getting anxious because I thought Blake was being too cautious and was going to miss the podium. However, somewhere out of sight two of the three racers in front of Blake slipped in the rain and crashed and another motorcycle went to the pits, allowing Blake to take second. What do you know? He actually knew what he was doing.

Saturday’s D-Superbike Motorcycle Race


Blake’s next race was D-Superbike. He said, “the track was nice” for this race. “What’s a ‘nice’ track?” I asked. He said it was dry but not too hot; that when the track gets too hot it gets oily/greasy and becomes slippery. The kind of start Blake had in this race, I guess it was a “nice track”, because it was amazing. He ended up being passed by a faster motorcycle, raced the rest of the race all alone, and took second.

Saturday’s D-Superstock Motorcycle Race

Blake started in the second group of motorcycles for the D-Superstock race. He got through his group off the start but was caught up in some of the back traffic of the front group. While Blake was working through the traffic it allowed two in the front to pull a gap on him. He worked his way up and caught the racer in second but didn’t have enough to get by him before the race was over. He finished 3rd overall but, he did get first in his class.

“I Do’s” at the Race Track

Blake & Sister Being Silly Before Wedding

As I mentioned earlier, there was a wedding at the track. Blake quickly got a shower and served as ring bearer for the marriage of Jared Trees and Heather Syzmanik and that is how we spent Saturday night.

Sunday’s Formula 2 Motorcycle Race

Of course, there was motorcycle talk Saturday night also and Mike and Blake decided to change Blake’s sprocket and put on new brake pads. His shift points just weren’t quite right and who doesn’t like to stop hard and quick? By the second practice Blake had his times down to his race times Saturday. So, things were looking promising.

That is, until he started the Formula 2 race. He had a bad start and had to work hard to try and catch up. Apparently his brakes weren’t “seeded” well (I think that’s like they hadn’t gotten or been made snug yet) which was really bad when Blake went into turn 5 and ran off track. Now, he was all the way back in last place. He didn’t let that shake him. He was determined to get back up front. By the time the race was over he was behind fourth place; what a comeback! Blake finished fifth in that race.

Sunday’s D-Superbike Motorcycle Race

D-Superbike didn’t go as planned either. You see, one of Blake’s crew members (me or another Davis family member) puts a piece of tape on his gas tank so he knows where he is supposed to grid up at the start. Well…one of us forgot to do this so, he gridded himself in the back. But, as usual it motivated Blake to push hard. He worked through the racers but first and second place were able to pull ahead and Blake pretty much raced by himself and took third.

The clouds were looming all day. Every once in a while a sprinkle or two would happen scaring everyone but nothing too bad. But, then, the officials saw lightning which puts a mandatory hold on the races. Once they got started again, the WERA officials chose to shorten the races to 4 laps to get all the racing in before the end of the day.

Sunday’s D-Superstock Race

Coming on to the Straight

Four laps isn’t a lot of time to get much done but Blake sure did try. Off the start of the D-Superstock race, Blake pulled away from his class. He worked his way through many of the bigger motorcycles in the class ahead of him. Then, the second place guy was all he had to catch and that racer was going pretty good; it took Blake a half a lap to get by him on his Ninja 400. He was catching up to the overall leader when the race ended. Blake took second overall and first in his class.

The Wrap Up

Ring bearer duty, running off the track, and rain all made for a good time. Blake got 1st in both of his D-Superstock Races, a 2nd and 3rd in the D-Superbike races and a 2nd and 5th in Formula 2.

This weekend Blake will be racing with WERA at Roebling Road Raceway down in Savannah, Georgia. It is going to be hot! After that there are no races for a month. So, Blake will stay one week with a cousin in South Carolina and then the next week he goes camping with his grandparents. I’m sure he will find somewhere to do a track day after that. Until next time…