WERA’S 2019 Cycle Jam @ Road Atlanta

June 1-2, 2019

Thursday night we arrived at Road Atlanta and met up with the Black Hawk Motorcycle Racing Team who has graciously included Blake and our family. As we pulled in to set up, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a full-fledged hot tub sitting there in the pits. Yes! A hot tub! Josh Booth (a Black Hawk racer) is all about getting everyone together and he thought what better way than a hot tub! Of course, Blake thought it was a great idea too and was hoping he could get in. Well, Josh helped him out with that and tossed him in! We unloaded Blake’s motorcycle (Kawasaki Ninja 400), set up the camper, and got to bed.


Friday Practice

This was WERA’s Cycle Jam weekend and they offered Friday as a practice day. All motorcycles got 5 practice sessions. Blake didn’t go out for the very first one because the warmers hadn’t been on the tires long enough. But once he got out there, his lap times were in the 1:44’s; which was pretty awesome. But, it frustrated him at the same time because as the day went on he couldn’t really get his lap time any lower. He did have fun playing around with some of the Suzuki SV650’s and liked getting pulled in their draft making his motorcycle go even faster. It also helped him to see what his competition was going to be like for the races on Saturday and Sunday.

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