WERA @ NJ Motorsports Park – 10/9/2018


Enduring to the End

It’s been a week since Blake was in New Jersey racing his motorcycle with WERA and now we are at Barber Motorsports Park so he can do a track day with Sportbike Track Time. This week went by fast!

N2 Track Day Motorcycle Event

This year Blake has really been pushing and getting his lap times faster. Surprisingly, he hasn’t had any crashes…then, there was last week at New Jersey Motorsports Park. During N2 Track Days track day event on Friday. The first half of the day went well but after lunch as Blake went into a corner he felt the front end make some movement, he managed to get it under control but as soon as he did, the back end slid out. Blake came off the motorcycle and was sliding across the pavement for quite a while, adjusting his gloves, taking in the sights, and watching his motorcycle slide. But, when he saw his motorcycle starting to lift up he was saying, “No, no, no.” but the motorcycle wasn’t listening and it started tumbling. Ugh, now there was going to be some work for Mike. Thankfully, after the crash truck brought the motorcycle in, the damage wasn’t too bad. There were no brake levers and the plastic was all beat up but after Mike did some “sewing” on the plastic he got it looking pretty good.



N2 Track Days & WERA‘s Two-Hour Endurance Motorcycle Race

N2 Track Days partners with WERA to host endurance races periodically throughout the season. This was the final endurance race for Blake. This time he partnered with Tyler Whistle to split the 2 hour race. They chose not to go out in the morning practice because it was raining and they had had the day before to get to know the track. By not going out it meant that they would have to start in the last row.

It was still raining at the start of the 2-hour endurance race so they put rain tires on the motorcycle. Blake took his turn first, starting the race for their team, Herrin’s Hooligans. Off the start he got into third place and by the end of the first lap had moved into first. By lap three he had a pulled a pretty big gap on those behind him when he saw that the team’s pit board was telling him to come in, he didn’t think that could be right, so he shook his head no and kept racing. However, when he came around again and the pit board still said to come in, he tapped his helmet acknowledging he saw the board and came into hot pit. As he was coming to a stop he saw Mike holding the transponder, they had forgotten to put it on! What a bummer! When he got back out on the track he was in last position but was able to get back up into fourth.

As he was riding the track was drying out and at the half way mark when he came in to let Whistle finish the race, they took off the rain tires and put on his normal tire. BUT, as soon as Whistle went out it started to rain; things got slippery and he crashed. He came in and had only lost a clip-on (for us who don’t know motorcycle lingo, that’s basically one side of the handlebars). The dads got it fixed, Whistle went back out, rode a while, then high-sided. This time when he came in another clip-on , a rear set (the pegs for your feet), the wind screen and a clutch lever needed fixing. The dad’s managed to fix it all and Whistle was able to get another 15 minutes or so back in the race before the time was up. Herrin’s Hooligans finished last but, hey, at one point it didn’t look like they were going to be able to finish at all.

WERA‘s National Challenge Motorcycle Series

Sunday were the races for WERA’s National Challenge Series. Blake entered three races. But, first there was practice. Blake was on top of his game, he was one second faster than the day before. Things were looking good going into his races.

The first race was E-SuperStock Blake was chasing SV 650’s and got TWO seconds faster and finished first in his class! After about half way through the D-SuperStock race Blake was able to get out of the traffic he had been in and take the lead to the finish. Clubman was the last race. Blake was third off the start but was able to pass up to first and pull a gap. Again, he rode his race, maintaining his first place position.

After Friday and Saturday’s luck I was starting to get worried about how the motorcycle races would go. But, everything turned out pretty good. Three races, three wins!

Upcoming Motorcycle Races

Like I said earlier, we are at Barber Motorsports Park down in Birmingham, Alabama for a track day with Sportbike Track Time. There is a ton of motorcycles out here. I wish more of these people would come race, they would get hooked, and how awesome would that be for the sport? We had not planned coming this weekend but it certainly doesn’t hurt for Blake to get some more seat time here since WERA’s Grand National Finals will be here in two weeks. Hopefully, Blake can come home with some Championships for the season!

Until next time…have fun and be safe!