Herrin Compound – Scorcher Series 7/8/18


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Blake was at the Herrin Compound this weekend training and racing. Saturday was a practice day where Blake took a pretty hard hit. The rider in front of him crashed, unable to go anywhere Blake hit the motorcycle. He went over his handle bars and landed on his stomach, on top of the motorcycle. Blake’s motorcycle went flipping, caught up to Blake and landed on him. He got the wind knocked out of him and was pretty sore but all in all was okay. Thank goodness for his RS Taichi leathers he didn’t have a scrape on him. Later we noticed that his Shoei helmet had rubber marks from where the rear tire of his own motorcycle had hit him in the head. Praise God he was wearing all of his safety gear!
That evening Mama Herrin hosted everyone in her home. Her homemade taco shells have become a favorite. I’ve even started making them at home at the request of my family. We celebrated another motorcycle racer’s birthday and had a good evening hanging out with our moto-family.

motorcycle    motorcycle  motorcycle

Sunday’s Motorcycle Races

Mike has been working with Blake on his turns; thinking he had more potential to go faster all the way through them. So he changed Blake’s gearing, giving him less power exiting turns, forcing Blake to enter them faster so he wouldn’t get behind. He never mentioned the change to Blake and saw that he was doing better by the end of the day Saturday.
Sunday morning Mike told Blake what he had done to his gearing and told him his corner speed had improved. Blake grinned knowing Dad was right. Once Mike switches Blake back to the optimal gearing Blake will have a lot more torque coming out of turns and now that he’s faster going in to them he should have much faster lap times. With a practice session and qualifying complete it was time to race.motorcycle

First up was the Formula 3 race. Not getting the best start, Blake was the last motorcycle off the line. He caught up to the leaders and with each lap was getting closer to second place. But, he ran out of time and finished third.

Then there was the Stock 100 race. I don’t know whether to say fortunately or unfortunately there was only Blake and Gavin Anthony in this race. It was unfortunate because racing is always more fun when there are a lot of people to compete against. But, it was fortunate because these two were acting like fools so bad with each other it was hilarious. They were flying around the track like maniacs, probably taking way too many chances, all stuff they couldn’t do had there been others racing with them. Afterwards, Blake said he learned he could be taking better lines. He saw that in some of the places where Gavin was making “reasonable passes” (per Blake) he could have fixed his lines to be faster. Officially, Blake got 1st but really who knows how it would have ended without all the craziness.


Blake got a good start on his Stock 100 in MiddleWeight Advanced and he managed to keep everyone behind him until about half way through and then two got by Blake. Pushing harder to catch up, Blake had to save a couple close high-side crashes and the front from tucking, taking away from the gains he had just made. Tires that are frayed on the sides aren’t the best to push so hard on. He finished third.

The last motorcycle race for Blake was Supermini. The first place rider was in the wind but Blake hung pretty good with the 65 ahead of him but never got by him, and finished 2nd again.

Upcoming Races

This week Blake and I have snuck off to Florida to be with friends at the beach. We will meet the family at the races this weekend. WERA will be hosting their motorcycle races at Roebling Road Raceway. It’ll be neat to see how he does with his corner speed there. Until next time