WERA @ Talladega GP Raceway – April 21 & 22

LOTS of Fun at LITTLE Talley

Well, we are back at the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway aka “Little Talley”. This time, though, Blake rode his “back up bike”. It’s actually his 2015 Yamaha R3 that he competed on last year. The Yamaha R3 he normally races is having some work done to it and was not ready for this race. So the, just-in-case-something-happens-to-my-motorcycle, motorcycle is the one he had to race.

Saturday Motorcycle Practice


Saturday morning Blake went out for his first practice. When entering corners that required hard braking, the front suspension would compress too much making the rear start fish tailing. After his session he came in to have Mike make adjustments. Even though the motorcycle wasn’t handling the best Blake still rode it well with a fastest lap of 1:08:8. Mike went ahead and made adjustments to the pre-load and compression on the front forks and adjusted the rebound on the rear shock. Blake said it all felt good after his second practice session and was ready to race. Read more “WERA @ Talladega GP Raceway – April 21 & 22”