Herrin Compound – Final Frostbite Round

March 25, 2018

This weekend’s motorcycle racing was at The Herrin Compound on Blake’s KTM65 and Honda100. Being that he was still on Spring Break they were able to get there and train all day on Friday. Blake went back and forth between both motorcycles, pushing himself to the limit. There were several teen racers there early as well. It was great because they all are competitive and want to get faster and faster so when they ride together they challenge themselves and each other. All the while having a blast.


Saturday Practice

Saturday Mike spent a lot of time working on Blake’s KTM65. He’s thinking it needs a new transmission. That KTM has been an incredible motorcycle. Blake could hardly reach the ground when he started riding it. It was the first motorcycle Blake rode with a manual clutch. It has helped grow Blake into a better racer. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I almost understand why guys talk about their motorcycles like they’re friends.

Sunday, Race Day

Sunday was race day. This race they ran heat races to see where you will start for the main event motorcycle raes. Mike had Blake start in the back for all the races on his KTM because Blake is so fast on that motorcycle. In fact, in the SuperMoto race he not only started behind everyone else but with a huge gap between them. He was able to race well and finish 1st in Middle Weight and SuperMini, 2nd in SuperMoto and Stock 100 and 3rd in Formula 3. The first three heat races were back to back and he was still able to keep his pace. What stamina; that kid just goes and goes.

The main event races were in the same order. Blake’s first race was in the SuperMoto class. Anther racer crashed in front of Blake, with no time to react Blake crashed into them. He and his motorcycle flipped end over end. Blake said as he was sliding when he saw the gas tank fly off and that there was no seat left either. However, I guess it didn’t register with him because he still quickly picked up the motorcycle like he was going to jump back on it. He pushed the motorcycle back to the pits and grabbed the Honda 100 motorcycle to start in the very next race.


The Formula 3 race started and Blake wrecked on the very first lap. He was able to get the motorcycle back up and keep on racing. Mike was watching from the wall and thought Blake’s adrenaline still had him pumped up from the previous race. I don’t even know where he finished for that race.

He finished fourth in the Stock 100 race that was right behind that one. I don’t know if I like the idea that Blake kept racing. He was sore and obviously unsettled but, I know Mike would never let him race if it was unsafe.

Upcoming Races

Last week was spring break and this upcoming weekend is Easter. A lot of fun has been had. We will stay home this weekend to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us and celebrate his raising from the dead on Sunday with lots of fun and games and extended family.

Blake is excited about getting down to Road Atlanta to do demo’s in the Fan Zone at the opening MotoAmerica round April 13-15. Tony Hawk and some other skaters are going to be doing a show where Blake will be also. Then, you have the motorcycle races! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a ticket to at least one round of the MotoAmerica races. It’s going to be a good year!