Herrin Compound – Final Frostbite Round

March 25, 2018

This weekend’s motorcycle racing was at The Herrin Compound on Blake’s KTM65 and Honda100. Being that he was still on Spring Break they were able to get there and train all day on Friday. Blake went back and forth between both motorcycles, pushing himself to the limit. There were several teen racers there early as well. It was great because they all are competitive and want to get faster and faster so when they ride together they challenge themselves and each other. All the while having a blast.


Saturday Practice

Saturday Mike spent a lot of time working on Blake’s KTM65. He’s thinking it needs a new transmission. That KTM has been an incredible motorcycle. Blake could hardly reach the ground when he started riding it. It was the first motorcycle Blake rode with a manual clutch. It has helped grow Blake into a better racer. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I almost understand why guys talk about their motorcycles like they’re friends. Read more “Herrin Compound – Final Frostbite Round”

WERA – Roebling, March 2018

Goal Setting

Motorcycle racing helped Blake to get an early start on his Spring Break. He left school Thursday afternoon to get down to Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, Georgia for a full day of practice on Friday. Before practice Blake and Mike talked about Blake’s need to get his speed up earlier on in his race weekends. His last race at ”Little Talley” his fastest lap was in his last race. It sure would be nice for that to happen earlier in the weekend so he could have better results. With four practice sessions on Friday, Blake worked to push himself harder earlier. In the first session his fastest lap time was 1:28. In the next session, he got down to a 1:26 and in the last two his fastest laps were 1:24. So, it seemed he was pushing himself.motorcycle

Saturday Practice

However, when Blake came in from his first practice session on Saturday he was really upset with himself. I asked why and he said he didn’t get a clean lap; he was having to work through a lot of traffic instead of getting to push his speed. I had to tell him to relax and not be so hard on himself and hopefully his next practice would be better. And it was, not a whole lot better but, he did get one clean lap and his time was down into the low 1:24’s. He was feeling good going into his first race. Read more “WERA – Roebling, March 2018”