Television Interview

February 5, 2018

A news reporter, Samantha Varek, from an ABC affiliate contacted us wanting to do an interview with Blake about his motorcycle racing. She’s a motorsports fan, seemed genuinely interested, and made Blake feel comfortable; it was a good time. Blake’s school, Liberty Christian Academy, was great also. They cleared out a conference room for us to use for the interview so Blake wouldn’t have to miss as much school.

motorcycle Blake & Samantha Varekmotorcycle

Samantha met us at Blake’s school and like proud parents Mike and I brought Blake’s gear and Yamaha R3 motorcycle and anything else we thought might be beneficial for the interview. I gave Blake a pep talk beforehand, told him there was nothing to be nervous about, think before he speaks, don’t say “um”, look at the reporter, yes, probably did more harm than good. Oops. Once Samantha was done with Blake she looked at Mike and I and asked if we would answer a few questions. Well, guess what I did? I didn’t think before I spoke and after rambling on forever forgot what she had asked me, said “um” a bunch, and kept looking at that giant camera lens staring at me. I guess I don’t have a future in front of the camera. Mike had his turn and was able to explain all of the motorcycle things a lot better.


The Interview

Anyway, there I go rambling again, here is the link to the interview. A big thank you to Samantha Varek, WCYB, and WSET for putting on the air.

Be sure to check back to see when and where Blake will be racing this season. It is sure to be an exciting year!