WERA’s 2017 Grand National Finals

November 3-5, 2017

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It seemed like we had to wait forever for WERA’s Grand National Motorcycle Finals to get here. There was a pretty long break between their last motorcycle race and the finals. Blake was so glad to finally get to go down to Barber Motorsports Park and race his motorcycles.

Thursday’s Motorcycle Practice

Thursday was practice day and Blake was able to go out on his Honda RS125 & Yamaha R3 two times each. Blake said he felt good on the RS but not on his R3. His times were good and he got them down lower as practices went on.

Friday’s Sportsman Series Finals

Yamaha R3 Motorcycle Races

By the time Blake’s race came on Friday it had just stopped raining. Mike did not have rain tires for Blake’s Yamaha R3 but Blake wanted to race anyway. He told Mike he would take it easy. So, out he went out for the E SuperStock race. He told of a pass he made on another racer on the outside of a turn and dragging his knee (so much for taking it easy). A few turns later coming into the top of museum, the back stepped out but he was able to keep it up, running into the grass. As he came back on to the track at speed the front end tucked and he crashed. It took so long to get back in to the pits, get the motorcycle fixed, and have the officials tech the motorcycle again that he missed his second race (D SuperStock).

Honda RS Motorcycle Races


Formula 2 was Blake’s first race on Saturday. This is the class he uses for seat time. He came in 9th out of 17; not too shabby. Read more “WERA’s 2017 Grand National Finals”