Scorcher Series Round #5

Herrin Compound Motorcycle Races

Decisions, decisions, boy it’s hard to make them sometimes, even about which motorcycle race to go to. This weekend Supermoto East Coast was holding their final round of the season at VIR AND the Herrin Compound was holding the final Scorcher Series round. Blake decided to go to the Herrin Compound thinking he would get more training time in and he had been to more of the rounds there than he had with SMEC. So, to Georgia they went.

Saturday’s Practice

Saturday was practice day. Blake only did one session on his KTM65 he spent the rest of the day on his Honda Stock 100. He had fun being on the track with James Stroud. James pushes Blake to be better and is helpful critiquing Blake’s skills. He pushed Blake and Blake was able to do a 43:8; which was Blake’s fastest lap time on the Stock100.

Racing for the Fun of It

Sunday’s first race Sunday was SuperMoto. Blake used to compete in this class until we were made aware that his KTM65 motorcycle was too small to be eligible. The smallest motorcycle allowed is a 125cc two-stroke or 150R four-stroke. Unfortunately, the grids weren’t real big Sunday. So, Blake asked for permission to race his KTM65 motorcycle and not score points; he was told he could. Blake raced and finished 4th, unofficially.

Grom Race

Before Blake wrecked his Honda Grom so badly he would race that motorcycle in the Formula 3 Advanced class. So, this weekend he raced it on the Stock 100. It wasn’t a real exciting race; Blake finished third. Once he came in he found out he shaved another couple tenths off of his fastest time; down to a 43:6.

Stock 100 Race

Then, came the Stock 100 race. Blake was second off the start. On lap 3, Blake was ready to pass a rider, but Owen Fairbairn was right behind him. Blake didn’t want to go too wide on the pass and possibly allow Owen to get by so Blake had to be careful. He found his chance going into the bowl turn and was able to pass by the one guy in front of him without giving up his position to Owen. That very next lap Blake ran a 43:5. I guess with Owen breathing down his neck he felt the need to go faster and win!

KTM65 Races

The last 2 race weekends Mike has said he needed to change the tires on Blake’s KTM65 motorcycle but didn’t mind finding out how far Blake could go on this set. Blake was running a few tenths slower than normal but he got a good start in the Middle Weight Advanced race. He got passed on lap 2 putting him in second place but he didn’t give up. Even though the 110 that passed him, kept pulling him on the straights, Blake was able to close the gap in the turns. After following the racer for a few laps, Blake set up for the pass through a long hard right hand turn, got by them and won! That sure was fun!

On those terrible tires Blake was up again for the SuperMini class. He and Owen Fairbairn were battling again, this time for the third place position. Blake’s motorcycle was all over the place, they were coming onto the front straight when Blake’s rear tire stepped out. That sucker slipped way out, then all of a sudden caught traction, the motorcycle flicked Blake up in the air (highsiding him) but somehow Blake held on to the handlebars, his legs were in the air, a tank slap started (handlebars going back and forth out of control), Blake gave it gas and somehow regained control. The spectators had gasped, some screamed in anticipation of the crash and couldn’t believe there wasn’t one. Owen was able to gain a few bike lengths but Blake closed the gap back up. On the last lap, with 2 turns to the finish line Blake and Owen came up on a lapped rider and they split him as they came across the finish line. Those two thought Blake had gotten the final podium spot but it turned out Owen beat him by .006! Way to go Owen; what a battle!

Racing finished up pretty early and so the track was opened back up for practice. Blake rode for another 2 hours. He kept switching between his two motorcycles, the KTM65 and Honda 100. He had fun and of course would have kept riding if given the chance.

Coming Soon…

This coming weekend he’ll be back racing on the big motorcycles. WERA is holding a race at Road Atlanta.  This is the last race until the  WERA Grand National Finals in November. The Grand National Finals are, as the name says, the final race of WERA to take home the championship in your class. You are invited based on your performance during the season. I would assume Blake will be invited. But, he has some classes where the points are close so he’s got to do some hard, fast racing. You can click this link and see the points’ standings. Wish him luck!