Scorcher Series Round #4

Race Report

Leather is not what you would call a breathable material. The suit motorcycle racers wear as protection is made of leather and does NOT fit loosely. Then, they put on leather gloves, a helmet, and heavy boots. Contrary to what you might think the racers get quite a workout while riding; they have to use their arms and legs to push and pull the motorcycle through the turns as they need. Blake will be all sweaty on a cool day. But this weekend, at the Herrin Compound in Dublin, Georgia, the heat index pushed the temperature for Saturday and Sunday up to 104 degrees. Did that slow Blake down? Nope, not at all.  To me just more proof of his passion.

Practice Day

Saturday was just a practice day and Blake was on the track a lot. He rode his KTM65 for only one session; trying to save his tires for race day. He rode his Honda 100 quite a bit, working on rushing the corners. When he was be conscious of what he was doing, he got better drives and faster lap times but you could see when he’d get distracted and revert. It’s something to keep working on. The tires on his Honda Grom were finished after practicing on them all day.

That evening Kim Herrin invited everyone into her home once again to watch races and have dinner. After Blake was finished she called him to the kitchen and surprised him with a cake and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He blew out his candles just to have them re-light, he kept blowing and finally got them all out. Those tricky candles!

Race Day

Sunday’s weather report promised the same heat. “Trainer Trina” with AXcess Racing LLC has taught Blake the effects of hydration on performance. Lots of water, foods to refuel the body, fans and wet towels to stay cool were all ways Mike and Blake prepared for the day.  I didn’t go to this race because Ross and Abby (Blake’s siblings) were returning from a missions trip on Saturday AND Saturday was Abby’s 13th birthday.  So, the boys did a great job.

Honda Grom Races

Honda Grom Read more “Scorcher Series Round #4”

WERA – Pitt Race July 2017

Motorcycle Race Report

Crashing out of one motorcycle race, starting at the back of the grid in another, racing on fresh pavement; this weekend at Pittsburgh International Race Complex was “ a lot of fun” (according to Blake). With fresh pavement and cooler weather, we’ve been melting in the heat and humidity here in Virginia, it certainly was perfect for motorcycle racing.

Friday with N2 Track Days

Before heading north to the races. Mike and Blake had checked the weather reports: Rain Friday and no rain Saturday and Sunday. Therefore, Mike had decided they would not attend the track day hosted by N2 Track Days on Friday. However, Blake went to Mike on Wednesday and asked to go ahead and be at the track on Friday “just in case it didn’t rain”. Mike gave in and they headed out Thursday afternoon, and wouldn’t you know it, no rain on Friday. So, after lunch Blake joined N2 track days and rode a couple sessions on his Yamaha R3 motorcycle. Read more “WERA – Pitt Race July 2017”

WERA @ Barber Motorsports Park July 2017

Motorcycle Race Report

Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama is a beautiful track, especially for motorcycle racing. It’s a little over two miles long with elevation changes, slow tight turns, and fast sweeping turns as well. WERA was hosting a regional event there that Blake competed in this weekend.

Honda Grom-Saturday Race


Saturday Blake only had two motorcycle races. One of which was the Honda Grom race and as we have seen on previous weekends this is always a fun race. Blake was second off the line and right off first place had pulled a gap. On the front straight third position drafted past Blake. With a tap of his fender, Blake understood that racers signal and ducked behind him for a draft. Instead of battling against each other this on-track “agreement” meant they were going to use each other to close the gap between them and the first place racer by alternately drafting one another. And, it was working, that is, until Blake’s “partner” all of a sudden fell back into fourth place. (Blake later found out he had technical issues.) Now, on the final lap Blake got behind 1st hoping to pull past them using their draft and 3rd got behind Blake trying to double draft both first place and Blake. However, the maneuver didn’t work for either one of them; Blake stayed in his position and finished second with third right behind him.

Yamaha R3-Lightweight Solo Race


His other motorcycle race of the day was the Lightweight Expert Solo. Blake was going to be racing the Yamaha R3 in this race. The R3 is a big and heavy motorcycle for Blake. In fact, Read more “WERA @ Barber Motorsports Park July 2017”