June 2017 – Scorcher Series Round #3

Herrin Compound

Blake was glad to be back on his motorcycle at the Herrin Compound.  This was his first race there since the final Frost Bite Race. He missed the first two rounds of the Scorcher Series because of scheduling conflicts. And, boy was he glad to be back. He enjoys getting pretty much all the seat time he wants.

Practice Day

Saturday was practice day. An older, uh hum…more experienced motorcycle racer, James Stroud (former pro) took time showing Blake lines to take on the Honda 100 motorcycle. He is racing that motorcycle more competitively with the big boys now and James was helping him out.


During one of the practice sessions Damian Jigalov and Blake got together and Blake crashed out on the Honda 100 motorcycle. Blake came back into the pits with his Shoei helmet scratched up, some broken levers and bent bars. But with the RS Taichi leathers from MotoLiberty and his other safety gear he was unscathed. However, he was complaining to his dad, Mike, that Damian cut him off. Mike told him instead of being upset or complaining about it go talk to Damian about it. Blake did and that night the two of them were hanging out and having a good time. Another life lesson that motorcycles has taught Blake. Who says there’s no value in racing motorcycles?

Saturday night was so fun. The MotoAmerica races were on that evening and Josh Herrin’s mom, Kim, invited everyone at the track into her home for her homemade tacos and shells. And boy oh boy were they good. We all watched Josh’s race and then chowed down. I cannot say enough about the camaraderie there is within the motorcycle racing community. I am so thankful that Blake’s experience with other racers has been friends off the track and competitors on the track. Oh, how our society could learn some lessons from these motorcycle races!

Race Day


Blake was ready for the races on Sunday. It was sunny, the heat wasn’t too bad, but the humidity and the gnats were crazy! Despite spraying bug spray and using homemade potions Blake was constantly eating gnats or getting him in his eyes, it would have been funny if it hadn’t been so annoying!

Honda Grom Races

The Grom race was first. Blake had said that this race would come down to who got a good start. Well, it wasn’t Blake. He wheelied the motorcycle off the line making him 3rd off the line. The second place rider was good at keeping Blake behind him. But, on lap 3 going into turn one Blake got on the inside, pushing the racer out and got past him. Blake was slowly closing the gap in on first place but there just weren’t enough laps in the race; Blake finished second.


Then on the Honda Grom motorcycle, Blake entered the Formula 3 Advanced class. He started 7th and got up to 5th and battled with the 4th place racer for a while, finally passed him, taking the fourth place position.

Honda 100 Race

Part of Mike’s theory in making Blake a well rounded rider is taking him to different tracks and having him on different motorcycles so that he can ride anything he races. Well, the race started for the Stock 100 class and Blake tried to shift GP style and that motorcycle (Honda 100) is standard shift making him 3rd off the start. He passed the 2nd place racer coming into the bowl turn on the inside and caught up to the racer in first. On the final lap after the back straight and through the next 4 turns he and 1st place were side by side. The spectators were on their feet trying to see he was going to get by who and Blake came by the guy on the final straight to the finish line. Blake took first place. But even if he hadn’t won it was definitely Blake’s best racing of the day.


KTM 65 Races

Next, was the Middle Weight Advanced class on his KTM 65 motorcycle. He started in the first position but the 2nd place racer got him off the start. He was never able to get by them and finished second.

Again on the KTM 65 motorcycle Blake raced in the SuperMini class. Blake was second off the start. And even though he wasn’t able to get by James Stroud, in first, Blake was stoked that he got so close. Blake held the racer behind him back for the first 3 laps but they managed to get around him on the front straight and pulled a gap. Those 150R’s are tough to catch…Blake finished third.


Coming Soon…

This weekend we will be headed down to Birmingham, Alabama for Blake to race with WERA at Barber Motorsports Park. It’s going to be a hot one; we will have to be making some pit stops at a Pilot or Flying J for lots of ice! Thanks for keeping up with Blake’s racing endeavors, we all appreciate the support!


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  1. Very proud of Blake’s character building and the way he hands conflict is a good example of it! Go fast, go safe have fun!

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