June 2017 – Scorcher Series Round #3

Herrin Compound

Blake was glad to be back on his motorcycle at the Herrin Compound.  This was his first race there since the final Frost Bite Race. He missed the first two rounds of the Scorcher Series because of scheduling conflicts. And, boy was he glad to be back. He enjoys getting pretty much all the seat time he wants.

Practice Day

Saturday was practice day. An older, uh hum…more experienced motorcycle racer, James Stroud (former pro) took time showing Blake lines to take on the Honda 100 motorcycle. He is racing that motorcycle more competitively with the big boys now and James was helping him out.


During one of the practice sessions Damian Jigalov and Blake got together and Blake crashed out on the Honda 100 motorcycle. Blake came back into the pits with his Shoei helmet scratched up, some broken levers and bent bars. But with the RS Taichi leathers from MotoLiberty and his other safety gear he was unscathed. However, he was complaining to his dad, Mike, that Damian cut him off. Mike told him instead of being upset or complaining about it go talk to Damian about it. Blake did and that night the two of them were hanging out and having a good time. Another life lesson that motorcycles has taught Blake. Who says there’s no value in racing motorcycles?

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WERA Cycle Jam

Road Atlanta – June 3-4, 2017


The WERA motorcycle races this weekend came quickly. With two blown motors from the previous weekend, Blake’s “crew chief”, aka Dad, had a lot of work to do before Blake’s practice on Friday.

The Honda RS125 motorcycle has a race chassis which handles differently than a typical motorcycle giving Blake the opportunity to practice and gain experience on a motorcycle more like those professionals race. However, it is also has a 2-stroke engine which requires more finesse and maintenance than your typical 4-stroke engine.

During Friday’s practice on the Honda RS125 the motorcycle overheated. Mike found that the piston and cylinder were scarred he was so frustrated and did not know what the problem could be. Mike asked Scott from Scott Powersports to check his work with the rebuilding of the motor and he agreed everything looked good. Then, Mike consulted Stewart from Rising Sun Cycles about the jetting chart he was using. Stewart said that was the problem; the chart was not right. Mike made some more adjustments and hoped Saturday would go better. Read more “WERA Cycle Jam”