WERA Motorcycle Races @ NJMP – May 2017


If bad luck is a thing, Blake had a lot of it this weekend. It rained off and on all weekend, his motorcycles rode in on crash trucks three times, two motors were blown, one chain lost, and to top it all off he was penalized with a fine.

N2 Track Days

Friday N2 Track Days hosted a track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Mike was watching Blake ride his Honda RS125 and saw Blake come off the bike with no fee on the pegs. Once Blake got back to the pits he said the rear tire locked up all of a sudden throwing him around. But, it was ok because he was able to pull the clutch in and ride the bike off the track. That was the first time the crash truck came to our pit. Mike had an extra motor and even though he didn’t know anything about it he went ahead and put it in the bike and had it all ready for Saturday.

WERA & N2 Track Days Endurance Race

WERA along with N2 sponsored Saturday’s practice and a 2 hour and 4 hour endurance race. We did not arrive in New Jersey intending on Blake participating in the 2 hour endurance. With nudging of friends in the paddock Blake asked, “Can I ‘Iron Man’ the 2 hour endurance?” Meaning he wanted to race it on his own for the entire two hours. We got him registered and he was excited to ride his Yamaha R3 motorcycle for 2 hours by himself and podium. I included Mike on the registration also just in case Blake did not have the stamina to, as he said, “Iron Man” it. This boy definitely believes in himself! Read more “WERA Motorcycle Races @ NJMP – May 2017”