April 2017 – Herrin Compound Track Day

Herrin- Track Day

Josh Herrin hosts motorcycle track days and a winter (Frostbite Series) & summer (Scorcher Series) motorcycle series at the Herrin Compound. April 1 was a free track day to anyone who participated in the winter series and only $25 to anyone else. Blake headed down to ride his motorcycles and train for the weekend. Originally, awards for the Frostbite Series were going to be given but Josh postponed them until the April race so he could attend. Blake was not disappointed at all he just wanted to ride his motorcycle and boy was it a nice weekend for it; the weather was warm, sunny, and dry.


motorcycle grom

Working Towards Goals

Mike and Blake periodically come up with goals Blake should try to reach. This year they have decided one goal will be for Blake to learn to communicate to Mike what issues he may or may not be having to be sure he is getting optimal performance from the motorcycle. Mike then, as “crew chief”, has to understand and know how to fix/adjust whatever is necessary.

With that said, Mike confirmed Blake was running good lap times on his KTM65, Blake confirmed that the motorcycle was handling well so they decided to mess everything up…say what?!?!? Mike changed the suspensions’ pre-load and the rebound dampening adjustments and sent Blake back out on the track. The goal was for Blake to come in and tell Mike what the motorcycle was doing and Mike figure out what he needed to adjust. Blake came in saying XY and Z, Mike made some changes, Blake went back out and came in twice more with more critiques. Blake came in for a fourth time, nodded at Mike and then went back out and kept riding his motorcycle. When he finally came in he and Mike looked the motorcycle over to discover they were back to where they began. I suppose they both passed their “test” with flying colors!

I expected that they would be home at a decent time since it was only a track day. Oh, I should have known better. Apparently Blake should have a blister on his rear end because he rode so much. Remember, at the Herrin Compound the track is much smaller therefore Blake rides his mini-moto’s. He had his Honda Grom, KTM 65, & his Honda 100 and went through 6 gallons of gas Mike hauled not including what was already in the motorcycles. Crazy!

Abby sent me this picture telling me that most people were gone or packing up and Blake was going out on the track again. This boy can never get enough of his motorcycles!

motorcycle grom

Coming Up Next

Blake’s next race is April 22 & 23 with WERA at Talladega GP Raceway in Alabama. He and Mike have been putting new-to-him suspension on both of his motorcycles, the Yamaha R3 and the Honda RS125. He can’t wait to see how it will help with how the motorcycle handles. If you can’t come see Blake race his motorcycle get to another motorcycle race near you!!!