WERA Motorcycle Races @ Talladega GP Raceway April 2017

What a weekend!!!!

We left Lynchburg Thursday morning stopped at Southern Powersports in Chattanooga, TN; it’s the largest Honda powersports dealer in the U.S. The Honda 100cc motorcycle that Blake has been riding in the stock class at the Herrin Compound is pretty ragged out; bent frame and all. So, Mike found that this dealership had several 2013 left (the last year they were made). He got one for us and also picked up one for Owen Fairbairn. We were in and out and arrived at Talladega GP Raceway in time to get our pit set up and get to bed at a decent time.



After Blake’s last WERA race Mike decided to send the Yamaha R3’s suspension to Fast Bike Industries to have it dialed in for Blake’s weight (it was set-up for a 160lb person). So, when the boys heard that Track Day Winner was hosting a track day before the WERA race at Talladega GP Raceway they thought Blake should participate to get acclimated to the changes in the motorcycle.motorcycle

Blake went out for his first session, said the R3 was perfect and not to touch it. He and Mike spent the rest of the day trying to dial in the suspension on Blake’s RS125. In the middle of one of Blake’s sessions on the RS he came in early and said, “I have to get my breath after that one!” I asked him, “What happened?” and he said, “I almost lost the front end so I got on the gas and had to counter steer because I was going to run into the corner worker’s canopy. Then, it almost high sided me and my helmet smacked the windscreen and then it did it all over one more time.” Later when he was re-telling the incident again Blake said, “I saw my life flash before my eyes.” That “flash” couldn’t have been that long being he’s only 10!!! He’s so funny. They finally did get the Honda RS125 feeling good. So, Blake went out on the Yamaha R3 again, made a few minor adjustments and felt ready for the races Saturday.

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April 2017 – Herrin Compound Track Day

Herrin- Track Day

Josh Herrin hosts motorcycle track days and a winter (Frostbite Series) & summer (Scorcher Series) motorcycle series at the Herrin Compound. April 1 was a free track day to anyone who participated in the winter series and only $25 to anyone else. Blake headed down to ride his motorcycles and train for the weekend. Originally, awards for the Frostbite Series were going to be given but Josh postponed them until the April race so he could attend. Blake was not disappointed at all he just wanted to ride his motorcycle and boy was it a nice weekend for it; the weather was warm, sunny, and dry.


motorcycle grom

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