WERA @ Roebling Road Raceway 2017

Blake was on Spring Break this week. He rode his dirt bike and bicycle a whole lot. Once Mike got off work in the evenings he would work on motorcycle stuff to get ready for this weekends’ race at Roebling Road Raceway.

Friday’s Practice

We got to the race track Friday morning, unpacked, registered, and put the warmers on the tires. After lunch Blake went out and practiced on his Honda RS125Roebling Road Raceway is a 2.02 mile road course with 9 turns. Blake said he liked the layout of the track because he could go fast on his motorcycle most of the track. After practice on Saturday Mike and Blake discussed changing Blake’s sprocket to get more drive out of the turns.  But, Blake wasn’t too sure that was the right thing to do.

                WERA Roebling 2017WERA Roebling 2017

WERA Regionals – Honda RS125

Formula 2 was his first race.  Mike entered him in this race because the Honda RS125 was allowed to race in it and it would give Blake more seat time. However, most of the bikes on the grid have more than double the horse power of his motorcycle. He started in 26th, last place, and in the 8 lap race passed 10 motorcycles to finish 16th. When he came into the pits after that race he was frustrated that he didn’t do better. Mike explained it was a good class to practice maneuvering and passing. That made Blake feel a little better about it.

Formula 3 was his next race and it was the appropriate class for his Honda RS125. Tyler Scott and Adrian Jasso took off quickly and led the entire race Blake was behind them in 3rd with 4th well behind him. 1st and 2nd put on a good race, passing back and forth, but as far as Blake’s it wasn’t the most exciting to watch.

WERA RegionalsYamaha R3

Blake’s last two races of the day were on the Yamaha R3. He raced in the E-Superstock which, like the Formula 2 race he was racing up, in a bigger bike class; he finished in 8th place. This was his conversation with Mike when he came into the pits after the race.

Mike: “How’d you feel?”
Blake: “It’s just too big.”
Mike: “Do you like riding it?”
Blake: “Yes.”
Mike: “Well, if you want, it will just give you more seat time. I don’t expect you to be riding with the top guys. We’ll set goals for you to reach.”

The next race was D-Superstock Blake came in from that race, hopped off the bike, and excitedly said, “That was fun!” He finished 3rd in that race.

Saturdays races were regional. Sunday’s were national races. The class structures are different for the two days. Sunday, Blake was only able to race his Honda RS125 motorcycle in the F1 & F2 classes.

WERA National Challenge SeriesHonda RS125


During Sunday’s practice Blake’s fastest lap time was a 1:22. So, Mike and Blake thought 1:20 was an attainable goal for the F3 race. Remember, this motorcycle has little torque off the start so his first lap is always spent playing catch up to everyone else on their motorcycles.  Again, Tyler Scott and Adrian Jasso were in 1st and 2nd. During lap 3 there was a lot of back and forth passing with Tyler, Blake and Jackson. Blake managed to take the 1st position and stayed there until the checkered flag. He won; with running over half his laps at 1:19. He beat his goal!

Formula 2 was the last race of the day for Blake. I’d say Blake doesn’t love this class because he’s not at the front of the pack but consistently kept his times around 1:19! We will take it!
There were several crashes including our friend, Jason Doss.  Thankfully none were super serious. We enjoyed cheering on and hanging out with our friends, competitors, and WERA family; another fun weekend in the books!

Upcoming Races & Events

The final round of the Frostbite Series at the Herrin Compound is March 26th.  We think Blake is leading in overall points; he is really excited.

April 1st is a track day at the Herrin Compound.  If you’ve ever wanted to try road racing but don’t have much experience on a motorcycle mini-moto is a great place to start…even a kid can do it!   And that weekend it’s 1/2 price! So go to www.herrincompound.com to learn more about it.  Can’t wait to get there!