2016-2017 Frostbite Series- Round #5

FROSTBITE – Round #5
February 19, 2017

Blake arrived to the Herrin Compound on Saturday with 3 different motorcycles to ride. It was a practice day but with rain off and on and an oil spill that went around a lot of the track there was a lot of down time. There’s not a whole lot of clean up you can do for oil when it’s raining.

Frostbite Series Round #5

Grom Races

But race day was beautiful; the sun was shining it felt like spring and it was race day!! Blake entered five races on three different motorcycles. His first race was the Honda Grom class that he raced on his…you guessed it, his Grom. He did great off the start and got the hole shot. In turn #3 on the second lap Josh King passed Blake. Josh, Blake, and Kayla Yaakov stayed together the rest of the race. Blake felt like he could have gotten passed Josh but with Kayla right behind him he was racing defensively and not taking the lines he needed to get the pass. They all were putting down lap times in the mid 42’s. It’s funny how these little Grom’s is some of the best racing to watch. Read more “2016-2017 Frostbite Series- Round #5”

WERA’s 2017 Opening Round

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc is one of the oldest and largest national sanctioning bodies conducting motorcycle races at road courses across the United States.” , according to their website. And they held their first race of 2017 this weekend at Talladega GP Raceway. Blake was there ready to compete.

We arrived to the track late Friday night. Tracakapalooza had a track day Friday and the paddock was full of racers, family, and friends. We found a spot, got a good night sleep, and woke early Saturday morning to register for the races. Mike has tasked me with registering Blake for his races; that day we registered for 4 races. WERA offers track time for people to get some practice in before their races. Read more “WERA’s 2017 Opening Round”