2016-17 Frostbite Series Round #4

Frostbite Series – Round #4
January 29, 2017

Round #4 of the Frostbite Series was postponed a week due to severe weather being predicted.  There may have been no motorcycle races but, Blake and Mike decided they would still go to the Herrin Compound and get some practice riding in the rain. Blake has always enjoyed racing motorcycles in the rain but this was his first time using real rain tires. He was even more stoked saying, “Rain tires really make you stick!”; he had a good time. I 100% believe that Mike is discerning when making decisions for our children. So, although Blake was riding in between sirens blaring warning of tornadoes, I knew he was okay. My boys sure do like to push their luck!

2016 Frostbite Series Round #4

So, Friday they headed back to Georgia for Round #4 of the Frostbite Series to do some motorcycle racing. Georgia’s weather this weekend was much colder; they woke up Saturday morning to temperatures in the low 30’s. Despite the cold Blake went ahead and wanted to ride and he rode his motorcycles quite a bit. At night fall, a campfire was lit and several racers and their families played games and watched the SuperCross race together.

2016 Frostbite Series Round #4
Blake and moto-friends got into some of Josh Herrin’s leathers and helmets trying to get a shoutout from the SuperCross Twitter account. It didn’t work but it made for a good picture.
Again, Sunday morning it was pretty chilly; the motorcycle races were scheduled a little later than normal in hopes of the temperatures rising. Blake entered 6 classes, had tire warmers on, and waited for his first race of the day.

2016 Frostbite Series Round #4

Honda Grom Races

The Grom class is an open class and Ben Brewin is always the guy Blake is trying to chase down. At the start Blake had him and got the hole shot but by the second lap Ben took the lead. Kayla Yaakov was right behind Blake. Every time they were on the back straight she would pull up beside him but going into the hairpin turn Blake could out brake her and pull back ahead. It was a fun race to watch. On the last lap Ben Brewin was in 1st, Blake in 2nd and Kayla Yaakov in 3rd. Kayla’s motorcycle powered by Blake on the back straight and he couldn’t catch her going into the turn. He ended up in 3rd but what a race!

In the Formula-3 class Blake also raced his Honda Grom. Going into turn 1 Blake was in 5th place. He was able to get into the 4th place position and showed the 3rd place racer, Gavin Anthony, his front motorcycle tire a few times. Gavin kept his pace finishing 3rd putting Blake in 4th place at the finish.

Honda 100 Races

Blake had fun in the Stock 100 class. On his Honda, he was again in 5th place going into the first turn he made a pass, putting him in 4th. Blake had his sights set on 3rd place motorcycle racer, Trevor Standish, and was closing the gap, but couldn’t catch him. Blake finished in fourth.

In the Kids Advanced class Blake competed on his Honda 100. He was 2nd off the line, and stayed there for the duration of the race.

I’m not quite sure how Blake can do so many races so close together and switch motorcycles that all handle differently and still know what’s going on. But, he holds his own pretty well.

KTM 65 Races

His fifth race of the day was on his KTM 65 in the Middle Weight Class. Ben Brewin got the hole shot but Blake, with Kayla Yaakov behind him were able to get by and take 1st and 2nd for most of the race. Again, on the back straight Kayla would get up beside Blake. Right when you thought she was going to get by they would come up onto the hairpin and Blake was late enough on the brakes to hold his position. He finished that race in 1st place!

And last, but not least was the SuperMini Class. On his KTM 65 Blake went into the first turn in 3rd place. He never could get by the two 150R’s in front of him and finished in third.

2016 Frostbite Series Round #4

All in all it wasn’t a bad day. Of course, you always want the win but Blake is so good about leaving what happens on the track, on the track. Mike drove through the night to get back home in time for them to get to work and school. Back to reality!