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Blake Wrestling

MotoMom’s Random Ramblings – 11/28/16

Ok, so “Random Ramblings” is pretty self-explanatory. These blog entries may or may not have anything to do with Blake and his racing. In this post, I “ramble” about how Blake’s determination can be seen in his everyday life just like in his motorcycle racing. So, feel free to move on before you get aggravated by the “Ramblings”. BUT, be sure to check back for his Race Reports to see how he’s doing in the motorcycle world.

Raider’s Rumble Wrestling Tournament






Blake didn’t have a race this weekend but did have his first wrestling tournament of the year. He pinned one kid and lost 2 other matches. After his 2nd loss he came up to me obviously bothered and said, “I guess I’ve lost something and need to practice more.” His statement is loaded with wisdom if you look a little deeper into it.

Blake Teaches Me

First of all, I am amazed by the confidence Blake has. “I guess I’ve lost something…” says that he expects to do well. Our kids know that they were created by God and saved by Jesus just the way they are. He did this so they can love and serve others thus honoring Him. Once you understand this (and I’m not saying Blake has a full grasp of this truth) you are clear on your purpose and don’t have to ask, “Why am I here?” I hope that with this foundation, and Blake’s personality, he will continue to be confident that he can do whatever he puts his mind to with God in his corner.

Secondly, he knows hard work pays off, “…(I) need to practice more.” Whether it’s on his motorcycles, on the wrestling mat, or at the school desk, Blake will try over and over again until he can master whatever task is at hand; he won’t settle for half-way. That makes him good at whatever he does; he doesn’t accept less than his best.

Oh, if only some of us could be more like this guy. That part of his personality is very much like Mike. I suppose some of us are less confident in ourselves because we are searching for our purpose or approval from others. I suppose we settle for “okay” for no other reasons than laziness or selfishness.

Watching Blake practice, review races, exercise or miss friends’ birthday parties or a trip because of racing shows me that he lives and breathes motorcycles so much so that he will work as hard has he has to, to be the best. I admire him for that.

Of course, I’m his mom. And of course, all moms think their kids are the best. And, I certainly do! But, I’m pretty sure I’ll see all 4 of them do great things and for Blake, motorcycle racing may just be his “great thing”. Praise God for my children and His work in them despite our efforts at this thing called parenting!

**Blake’s next race is scheduled for December 18, 2016.**