2016 Frostbite Series Round #2

2016 Frostbite Series, Round #2

November 20, 2016

We are headed into the holiday season and people’s schedules are getting full. Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Mike’s side of the family. Blake had a good time playing with cousins and eating a lot of food! After the festivities Blake, Mike and Abby left for Georgia. The Herrin Compound was hosting their 2nd Round of the 2016 Frostbite Series and Blake was excited to race his motorcycles.

Honda Grom


This was Blake’s first race after he and his dad switched his Grom to a GP style shift. In the United States typically you use your foot to pull up on the shifter to get to a higher gear. With GP shift, you push down on the shifter to get into a higher gear. So, his first race was the Grom class. Once the race started he was in 2nd and stayed there the whole race.


Placing 4th in qualifiying, Blake had a good starting position for the Formula 3 Advanced class again on his Honda Grom. There were 18 motorcycles on the starting grid, the green flag started the race, Blake took off and almost rear-ended the stalled racer in front of him. He got around that bike, did some bar-banging with some riders trying to keep it up, and was all the way back at 17th into the 1st turn. Now he had 10 laps to try and work his way through the pack. Blake did pretty good and had a photo finish at the line. He was 0.04 seconds behind 7th place. Shew, that was a lot of work!15135997_1245629625495303_9219947636619186815_n

Honda 100

The Honda100 Blake has is bone stock and shifts opposite of the Grom. He raced it in the Stock 100 class and finished fourth. And in the Kids Advanced class he finished 3rd behind Damian Jigalov and Kayla Yaakov on their motorcycles.


Next, Blake qualified 1st on his KTM65 in the Middle-Weight Advanced class and was 2nd off the line in the main event. Heading into a turn Blake pushed Benjaman Brewin, who was in first, a little wide allowing him and Kayla both to pass. Blake and Kayla took off and had close lap times the rest of the race. Kayla needed Blake to make a mistake to get by him but that didn’t happen. Blake finished 1st and Kayla 2nd.

KTM 65

The most “exciting” race of the day for Blake was the SuperMini race on his KTM65. He went into the first turn in 4th place. Soon after, Ashton Yates on a 150R crashed and then Kayla, also on a 150R, tucked her front end, Blake was close to hitting her motorcycle but managed to get by without incident. The race was red-flagged, ending the race. Therefore, a restart was in ordand this time Blake was 2nd into the first turn behind Gavin Anthony on his 150R. On the last lap Ashton passed Kayla then Blake. Around the last turn before the finish line Blake was in 3rd then Kayla passed him on the straight giving Blake a 4th place finish. Of course, Blake wanted to win, but was excited to get his lap times down into the 40’s during that race!

One of Blake’s friends, SuperLex, had a pretty hard crash off of her motorcycle. She ended up with a broken collar bone and has to see an orthopedic doctor when she gets home tomorrow but she will be okay. Too bad her Metrakit took such a beating. See you soon Alexis!

16fb2-superlex 16fb2-owenhelmet Frostbite Series Round 2 Helmet winner

The 2016 Frostbite Series will be awarding money to the points champions at the end of the series and at the last 2 races they’ve given away a motorcycle helmet from Bell Helmets.  This time, Blake’s friend Owen Fairbarin was they lucky one!

With the cold weather comes fewer races. The Frostbite Series has races monthly through the winter and there a couple others that Blake might make it to. We will keep you posted!