Blake has a new website!

Blake Davis Racing' new website

I wanted to thank everyone for visiting Blake Davis Racing’s new website at Please take a moment to visit our Sponsors page, Photo Galleries, Schedule & Results page and the Bio page. One of our sponsors, CE Webs designed Blake’s new site and connected the site blog to my Social Media accounts.

A little about CE Webs

CE Webs has great customer support that walked me through all the sites features. There is documentation for the features I wanted to control making the process much easier. I can add webpages and menu items, create a blog and post from the website and have it update directly to my Social Media accounts. If I don’t have the time or just want them to make an addition to the site, they can provide update support.

Sponsors & Tracking

Our current and prospective sponsors want to know if Blake has a website because it is important for them to gain exposure on the web as well as through Social Media. The more positive visibility you have, the more interest they have. Blake’s website provides tracking that allows me to see the details of traffic coming to the site. Where the clicks originated like a Google search or Social Media.

Great Offer

This is the perfect way to control the look and feel of your profile or your teams profile.

For all the racers and sports enthusiast out there – CE Webs is offering a new series of “Sports Enthusiast websites” that are very affordable and easy to maintain. If you are considering a website or rebuilding an old one, please visit their site or give them a call, they would appreciate the visit. Tell them Blake sent you!



CE Webs Contact Information:  Charlie Owens  540-352-3154


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