2016 Frostbite Series Round #1

Blake Davis Racing
Frostbite Series Round #1
@ Herrin Compound

Blake Davis #122 heads to the Herrin Compound in Dublin, GA for 2016 Frostbite Series Round #1 for SuperMoto & MiniMoto Motorcycle RacingBlake and Mike took a couple of friends down to Dublin, Georgia this weekend to see what the Herrin Compound & the Frostbite Series is all about. Gary rode his motorcycle and Charlie cheered them all on. They woke up at the track Saturday morning to a little rain. Which just made it an easy going morning. As they were getting ready the skies cleared and they practiced in pretty nice weather. One of the things that makes the Herrin Compound a great place to ride your motorcycle is the hospitality of the Herrin family. Josh Herrin is the 2016 MotoAmerica 1000 Superstock Champion!!! So his mom, lovingly known as “Mama Herrin”, threw a celebration party welcoming everyone at the track Saturday night. It was fun celebrating Josh’s Championship.

Sunday, was the opening round of the Frostbite Series. This year there is more excitement buzzing because there is money to be won! Points will be recorded each motorcycle race and the points winners at the end of the series will be getting paid! Blake has started the series pretty well; he brought home 7 podium finishes!


Blake & Kayla Yaakov

Racing the Honda Grom

Blake definitely needs to continue working on his starts. So when he got the hole shot in the Grom class it was a big deal. Kayla Yaakov was right on him the whole race. Blake’s fastest lap time was 43.0 which, is pretty fast on a Grom, he finished in first place.

However, he went even faster on it in the Formula 3 class. This race he didn’t get such a great start and got hung up in traffic but once he worked through the traffic and got into 3rd place his lap times kept getting faster and faster. He could see Damian Jigalov (P1) and Mike Trautner (P2) up ahead on their modified 100’s. It was obvious he wanted the win and got his lap time down to 42.6 which may have earned him the track record on a Grom. When he was told his lap time Blake was mostly excited that he beat his friend “Swamp Donkey”’s Grom time since he always gives Blake a hard time. Although he was fast, he wasn’t able to beat Damian and Mike; he finished 3rd.

Racing the KTM65

Blake entered three classes on his KTM65 motorcycle. In all 3 he qualified with the exact same time of 41.3. Not sure if that means he pushed the bike for all it had but it sure seemed like it.

One thing that is for certain about Blake is that he is incredibly competitive. For example, in the Formula 3 class he had those two guys ahead of him and made record lap times trying to catch them. In the Middle Weight Advanced class, on his KTM65, he qualified first with that time of 41.3. When it came to the race, he got the hole shot and led the race. Having no pressure behind him and no one to chase down in front of him his lap times slowed a whole second. It’s amazing how much you have to train not only your body, but your mind as well, when you’re racing motorcycles.

In the SuperMini class he was on his KTM65 again. Blake was 4th off the start and passed one guy to get into 3rd place. He was pushing hard trying to get around the 2nd place, Mike DeBrandt. He just could not get by him. On the last lap Blake and Mike were battling side by side for a ½ a lap, the crowd was excited and cheering, who was going to get in front? And, for arguably the best pass of the day, it was Blake! He might have got past Mike but he didn’t beat Kayla Yaakov. She took 1st, Blake got 2nd and Mike 3rd. Shew, what a battle!

We talked about Blake’s not-so-great starts well, for the SuperMoto class he had his KTM65 in 3rd gear when the green flagged waved. His motorcycle was so bogged down he was the last racer into the first turn. But, in that first lap he passed Brian Seagraves on his 250 SuperMoto and then caught Mike Debrandt. Here these two were right together again. Blake began to pass Mike on the inside when a racer on a Yamaha 250 crashed right in front of them. Blake went one way, Mike the other and they split the crash. What a save by both of them! Blake ended up 2nd behind Kayla on her 150R.

Racing the Stock Honda 100

In the Stock 100 Advanced class Blake battled Dean Mallory most of the race. Blake tried to make a pass on him but had to “check-up” (aka hit the brakes) because he was coming in to the turn too fast and would have hit Dean. Well, that little tap on the brakes put a big enough gap between he and Blake that Dean was now ahead. Blake’s fastest lap time was 44.4 and at the line Blake caught up and was right with Dean. So, who won? Dean did by 12/1000 of a second!

Blake raced in the Kids Advanced class on the Stock 100 motorcycle also. There wasn’t too much action in that race. Blake finished 3rd behind Damian Jigalov (P1) and Logan (P2).

The 2016 Frostbite Series, Round #1 wrapped up, with an awards ceremony and a couple of give-away’s, one of which was a Bell Helmet! A good time was had by all and Blake is certainly looking for Round #2 in November!


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  1. Blake is so much fun to watch. He looks like he’s having fun and is always a good sport! I love his moto, “Go fast, have fun and be safe!”

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