Scorcher Series Round #5

Scorcher series 2016

Scorcher Series Round #5
The Herrin Compound


Blake and his dad, Mike, traveled down south to Dublin, Georgia. Blake was to race at the Herrin Compound’s Scorcher Series Round #5, the final series.


Due to some logistical issues Blake had to leave his KTM 65 at the Herrin Compound after Round #4. So, Saturday morning when Blake and Mike got to the track they had to change the oil in the bike and put new tires on. The tires on the 65 are 12” so changing those with tire spoons is not an easy task. But, they got them on and Blake spent the day practicing both on his KTM 65 and Honda Grom. Blake was surprised at how different his 65 felt with the new tires they were trying. After riding all weekend, he decided he would like to stick with the Mitas tires he usually ran.

Sunday was hot and humid, low to mid 90’s. The Georgia sun is not too forgiving. But, Blake wasn’t deterred and entered 3 classes: the F3 class on his Grom and the Middleweight SuperStock and SuperMoto classes on his KTM 65.

The heat races went pretty well, he got 2nd in both the F3 and SuperMoto rounds. However, once he came in from the Middleweight heat race he realized he had no transponder. That meant for the main event Blake was going to have to start on the last row.

MAIN EVENTS – Scorcher Series Round #5

Now, it was time for the main events. On his Grom, in the F3 class Blake finished in 3rd place. Now remember, Blake had to start the race on the last row for the Middleweight Main. He had a bit of passing to do but he kept it smooth and got a 2nd place finish.

The SuperMoto race was a more exciting race to watch. Blake was on his KTM 65 and out-powered by many of the other motorcycles. The green flag waved; he took off, and got the hole shot! Blake stayed ahead of the pack but, had to fight for it most of the race. He was planning his lines in and out of turns in order to keep a 150R from passing him. With just a few laps to go that 150R crashed out of the race and Blake was able to relax a little and take the win!

Scorcher Series Round #5 -Blake rides into the sunset!

 Riding into the Sunset

You have to understand something; Blake cannot get enough time on his motorcycles. So Saturday and Sunday after everyone was done with their time on the track Blake went out to ride some more. He had the track to himself and would run some laps the full course and others just half the course. Then, he would turn around and run the track backwards. Just watching him you could tell how much fun he was having. When asked why he rode for so long he said, “I like to ride and I liked riding all the different ways on the track.” The next race for Blake at the Herrin Compound will be the first of their 2016/17 Frostbite Series.