Blake Davis featured in Road Racing World

Road Racing World is a magazine that Blake’s aunt got him for Christmas last year.  Blake will first go through the magazine looking at all of the pictures as you would expect from a 3rd grader.  But, then after that he will read the entire magazine front to back over a period of time.  Reading up on various motorcycle racing articles gives him such a wide spectrum of things to talk about with other motorcycle enthusiasts.  I’ve enjoyed him showing me the “The Kids’ Page”.  Each issue the magazine features different kids and highlights what they have been doing in the world of road racing.  There have been many times where we have seen some of Blake’s friends that he has raced against.

And yes, you guessed it, Blake was featured in the July 2016 issue!  It’s really neat to see him in print!

Click this link and get your copy of Road Racing World and check “The Kids’ Page” for an article about Blake.