The Final Frostbite Series Race

We got to GA Saturday morning with the warm temperatures and the sun shining.

A good day to watch some motorcycles!

FB5kayoSunday was race day and boy was it a busy day.  Blake was in six races.  He had a couple that were back to back which made trading motorcycles and transponders a little tricky.  My job was to confirm that the transponder was on the right bike.  I think I proved myself as a capable “pit crew member”.

FB5grom FB5ktm

During the qualification sessions Blake had come in and being a good mom that I am, I got him a drink and was questioning him about his riding and the track when I heard Mike start yelling for Blake, wondering where he was.  Mike had wanted Blake to have a drink but quickly and then get on the grid for his qualifier.  Oops.  Blake barely made it out for his qualifier, starting last in a group of well over 20 bikes.  You see, how you finish in the qualifier is what place you will start on the grid for the race.  So, he had a lot of passing to do and wrecks to dodge to try and get to the front of the pack to have a good starting position.  He started the race on the 12th row.  I felt kind of bad that I had distracted him.  Lesson learned.


By the end of the day Blake had a couple of good battles, a lot of fun, and had four podium finishes out of his 6 races.  Not too shabby.  We always enjoy going down to the Herrin Compound for races.  Good people, fun track, lots of bikes, and lots of track time.

Until next time…