Bus to Frostbite Series

School bus

Yes, a bus…a school bus.  No, it’s not yellow, thank goodness, but it is long.  Apparently there is a bus conversion community out there; they call converted buses “skoolies”, I learned this after we started our project.  Mike, the kids, and I have been working on converting our bus into a MotoBus. MotoBus, as defined by me, is part RV and part motorcycle trailer.  It turned out really well.  I must admit, I thought Mike was crazy when he first brought up the idea; but it worked!  Way to go honey!


Our Maiden Voyage
Our Maiden Voyage

We slept, ate, and traveled not only in comfort but in style!  Our first trip in the MotoBus was to the Herrin Compound in Dublin Georgia this weekend.  It had been a while since I had been down there so I didn’t want to miss the final Frostbite Series Race.

On our way down to Georgia we stopped in Charlotte, NC to have dinner with our oldest daughter, Madison.  She has moved there to work and go to school.  It was so good to see Blake and her together.  He sure misses his sister, whether he would actually say that or not.  She thought the MotoBus idea was crazy but after seeing it wants to plan a road trip.  We got to GA Saturday morning with the warm temperatures and the sun shining.