The Final Frostbite Series Race

We got to GA Saturday morning with the warm temperatures and the sun shining.

A good day to watch some motorcycles!

FB5kayoSunday was race day and boy was it a busy day.  Blake was in six races.  He had a couple that were back to back which made trading motorcycles and transponders a little tricky.  My job was to confirm that the transponder was on the right bike.  I think I proved myself as a capable “pit crew member”. Read more “The Final Frostbite Series Race”

Bus to Frostbite Series

School bus

Yes, a bus…a school bus.  No, it’s not yellow, thank goodness, but it is long.  Apparently there is a bus conversion community out there; they call converted buses “skoolies”, I learned this after we started our project.  Mike, the kids, and I have been working on converting our bus into a MotoBus. MotoBus, as defined by me, is part RV and part motorcycle trailer.  It turned out really well.  I must admit, I thought Mike was crazy when he first brought up the idea; but it worked!  Way to go honey! Read more “Bus to Frostbite Series”