WERA-Grand National Finals Oct. 2015

WERA-Grand National Finals

Barber Motorsport Park

Birmingham, Alabama

Oct. 24-25,2015

Barber Motorsports Park Birmingham, AL
Barber Motorsports Park
Birmingham, AL

What a weekend!  Barber Motorsports Park is beautiful and quirky offering a fun 2.25 mile track, a motorcycle museum, and “artsy” statues galore.

Blake took his Honda NSR-50 and his Honda Grom to race at this WERA event.  This was Blake’s second time being on a road racing track.. But, the way he rode you would never have known.

Saturday in the WERA Minis Race he was on his NSR and got a 3rd place finish.  He didn’t race his Grom Saturday because originally WERA thought the Minis Class and Grom class would be combined.  So, Jackson Blackmon registered to race Blake’s Grom.  However, there were enough motorcycles to race them separately and Jackson got a 1st place.  At the end of the day WERA does a trophy ceremony and has the racers tell about their race and gives them the opportunity to thank their sponsors.  Blake got up there and spoke like a pro.  He thanked Lucas Oil and Honda/Suzuki of Lynchburg and even thanked Mike and I.  I couldn’t believe it; what a sweetie!

Assuming the Minis and Grom classes would be separated again Blake planned on racing both of his motorcycles Sunday.  First, he raced the Grom class.  He started in last place and got a 1st place finish after a fun battle with Chris Evans.  He came in from that race and hopped on his NSR just off the track and gridded up for the very next race.  He got a 2nd place in the Minis-50cc class. Way to go Blake!

Family from Mississippi and Alabama came to watch Blake race and an Aunt and Cousin even rode down in the RV with Blake, Mike, and I. (The other kids were running around back home with grandparents keeping their own schedules.)  I can’t tell you how fun it is to have our family and track friends around cheering and supporting Blake at his races.

Blake’s next race will be part of the Frost Bite Series at the Herrin Compound in Dublin, GA on November 14.  I can’t wait.

Until we race again…

WERA-Grom Race 10/25 (Blake comes into view at 4 min. mark)

Blake accepting his awards.
Blake accepting his awards.
Jackson Blackmon encouraging Blake.
Jackson Blackmon encouraging Blake.