The Ridge – August 29-30

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MotoAmerica has never held their motorcycle races at The Ridge Motorsports Park located an hour and half west of Seattle, Washington. There were a lot of racers who had never been there, including Blake. He loved the track layout and said, “There’s no corner on the track like any corner at any other track.” The last sector, turns 13-16, was the hardest part of the track for him to master but, he can’t wait to go back next year and ride again.

MotoAmerica – Pitt Race

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This past weekend MotoAmerica was racing motorcycles at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. It’s a 2.8 mile track with 19 turns. Most of the fans watch the races from “Spectator Hill”. From there you can see a majority of the race track and hang out with a lot of other race fans. It was fun seeing so many fans cheering for Blake under the BEAST canopy and having the BEAST girls in the crowd. Then, Sportbike Track Gear joined us again as Blake’s title sponsor with Fleet Relief offering support as well. How blessed we are!


Motorcycle Qualifying Sessions

Friday, the motorcycle racers got one practice session and then had their first qualifying session. Blake qualified 6th. He was hoping for better on Saturday and it certainly started better. He was 2nd in qualifying for a little bit then a red flag threw him off his game, he dropped back to 4th and by the end of the session was down to 9th. In Atlanta, he raced in a pack for both races and in Pittsburgh’s qualifying was still hung up with those racers. But, for perspective, there was only one tenth of a second separating the 5th place qualifier and Blake, crazy!

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MotoAmerica Debut

Michelin Raceway/Road Atlanta – July 31-August 2

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We just got home from Blake’s first MotoAmerica race. What an experience! We got to Michelin Raceway/Road Atlanta Thursday. Blake had to see the award-winning Brian Nelson, to have his “official” MotoAmerica picture taken. Then, we headed into downtown Gainesville, Georgia with MotoAmerica to do a meet and greet. They had corn-hole, giveaways, motorcycles, and umbrella girls to entertain the crowd. There was an emcee who introduced and interviewed the racers who all signed posters for those in the crowd. The emcee pointed out that Blake’s sister, Abby, was there and asked Blake if she was a supporter. The crowd laughed when Blake said, “No” and again when he explained, “She’s just more like a cheerleader.” Later he explained to me that she wasn’t a supporter because she’s not a sponsor; I was sure to clear that up with him. All in all, it was a good opportunity to introduce motorcycle road racing to more people.

Friday’s Practice & Qualifying 1

Friday the LiquiMoly Junior Cup kids (14-28 year olds) got a 30-minute practice. Blake did not like how the motorcycle was handling. Some adjustments were made before the first qualifying where Blake was 5th fastest. He, and all the other racers got faster Saturday and he qualified 8th in that session.
Each weekend the LiquiMoly Junior Cup has one motorcycle race on Saturday and one on Sunday. The grid position is based on everyone’s fastest lap time from that weekends two qualifying sessions. This weekend Blake started his races in eighth.

Looking Good – Why is Blake #22? Why the BEAST?

When it comes to “image” Blake is totally unaware. He doesn’t care what a motorcycle looks like or if his Shoei matches his Taichi leathers; Blake just wants to ride.

With respect for his country and having 2 uncles that serve with the US Marines Blake is drawn to anything “American”. So, his motorcycle color schemes often are red, white, and/or blue. Where does all the green come from? That’s to meet Kawasaki’s eligibility requirements for contingency funds. And we want those funds!

Motorcycle #22

A change you will see this year is his competition number. The 122 came about on the way to his first race. Mike asked Blake what number he wanted on his motorcycle. He told Mike that Psalm 122:1 was his favorite Bible verse, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord”, and he chose 122 as his number and has used it ever since. However, the Junior Cup series allows only 2 digit numbers so Blake chose to drop the 1 and race as #22.


Now how about that BEAST? As many of us have experienced, our siblings can simultaneously traumatize and encourage us. Blake has 2 older sisters and an older brother, and they’ve all played the roles as giver and receiver of such trauma and encouragement! And that is where the story of his nickname “BEAST” begins.

As you know Blake started racing motorcycles young, I mean, younger than he is now. Once he started participating in Supermoto events at Virginia International Raceway’s kart track, he was getting high-5’s and “way to go’s” from a lot of adults. His oldest sister saw all the excitement and how well Blake was doing and started calling him “Sexy Beast”. He did NOT like it AT ALL. So, as all loving brothers and sisters would do, they kept calling him that. It was a family joke until some of our moto-family travelled with us to a race and got wind of the nickname. It was a secret no more.

Fast-forward a few years and we started working with Brand Supply Company to develop Blake’s brand. They asked if Blake had any nicknames. I talked to Blake first and we decided to tell them he had been called BEAST and left it at that. The designer called and talked to Blake to get an idea of what Blake had in mind. Blake didn’t like my idea of the cute Disney cartoon beast and told the designer he wanted a mean looking beast.

Brand Supply Company got back to us saying they had a difficult time designing a mean BEAST to represent Blake. They said, “Blake is too nice; he’s not a mean BEAST.” So, an ambiguous or reversible image was designed; looking at the BEAST one way he looks angry but flip him upside down and he becomes a happy BEAST! Blake loved the idea and the BEAST was born!

Upcoming Races

This weekend Blake will make his MotoAmerica debut at Michelin Raceway-Road Atlanta. You can watch at MotoAmericaLive. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest news. We will see you at the track!

N2 Track Days/WERA

June 2020 Motorcycle Races @ Summit Point Raceway


Well, well, it has been a while. This year the “off-season” was a lot longer than any of us expected thanks to the Corona Virus. Thankfully, it didn’t keep Blake off of motorcycles all together. He started training at Cornerspin with his coach, Aaron Stevenson, and was able to ride his dirt bike at home.

This is a long race report. A track day, an endurance race, and four sprint races…nothing like jumping in with two feet! If you ask me his top 3 races were the endurance race, Formula 2 and Light Weight Super Stock. So, hang on here we go.

N2 Track Days Motorcycle Event

Blake was super excited to get to Summit Point Raceway on Friday where N2 Track Days was hosting a track day. Blake had never been there and wanted to see how quickly he could get his times down. Since there are several MotoAmerica tracks he’s never been to he’ll have to figure out how to get his lap times down quickly. He won’t have the luxury of time to “get comfortable” before he needs to be going his fastest. So, this weekend would be good practice for that.

pray; motorcycle
Praying Before the Race

During session one his lap times were as high as 1:28 a lap. Blake said the tight turns made it tricky to learn. He did two more sessions, pushed to find a rhythm and went a good bit faster in his third session running 1:22’s. Unfortunately, lightning struck, the skies opened up, ending the day.