Herrin Compound – Scorcher Series 7/8/18

Moto-Fun, Moto-Family, & Motorcycles

Blake was at the Herrin Compound this weekend training and racing. Saturday was a practice day where Blake took a pretty hard hit. The rider in front of him crashed, unable to go anywhere Blake hit the motorcycle. He went over his handle bars and landed on his stomach, on top of the motorcycle. Blake’s motorcycle went flipping, caught up to Blake and landed on him. He got the wind knocked out of him and was pretty sore but all in all was okay. Thank goodness for his RS Taichi leathers he didn’t have a scrape on him. Later we noticed that his Shoei helmet had rubber marks from where the rear tire of his own motorcycle had hit him in the head. Praise God he was wearing all of his safety gear! Read more “Herrin Compound – Scorcher Series 7/8/18”

WERA @ Barber Motorsports Park 6/30-7/1

Bikes, Barber, and Blake

We arrived at Barber Motorsports Park Friday evening for WERA’s motorcycle races and Blake was ready to go Saturday…so he thought. After his first practice, he came in saying he didn’t feel right. The last time he was at Barber his lap times were in the 1:47 range; that first practice he was in the 1:49’s. So, he could have been doing a little better. He began doing some stretching and mind exercises to focus on the motorcycle and the job he had to get done. By the time he went out for his second practice he did much better and got back down into the 1:43’s.

motorcycle Read more “WERA @ Barber Motorsports Park 6/30-7/1”

N2 Track Days & WERA at Pitt Race

Four Days of Racing!

Four days of riding his road racing motorcycles is a dream for Blake and thanks to N2 Track Days, WERA, and Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pitt Race) that happened this weekend. Friday, N2 Track Days Organization hosted a track day, allowing Blake to get some practice on his Yamaha R3 motorcycle.

N2 Track Days’ Friday Track Day Event

N2 Track Days Track Event Blake had practiced at Pitt Race on his Yamaha R3 one other weekend. He was supposed to race also, but in the first lap he crashed out. So, this track day was giving him some time on the track he wanted. As it seems, he has gained experience because his first session out he went faster than he did previously and by the end of the day he had done a 1:59:7 which was incredible! Right off, Blake’s rear tire was coming off the ground when he was braking so Mike adjusted the front suspension. Blake’s times were improving but he wanted Mike to adjust the gearing as well. Mike knew that would not be good, but wanted Blake to feel how the change would affect the motorcycle. Blake went out for another session and Mike saw that Blake was right, the gearing change was necessary. Once again, proving that Blake is “one with the motorcycle”.

N2 Track Days/WERA Endurance Races


Saturday N2 Track Days along with WERA hosted their first round of their Endurance Series. Blake and his friend Owen Fairbairn entered the 2-Hour Ultra Lightweight class as team “Herrin’s Hooligans”. The Herrin Compound is where Blake and Fairbairn spend a lot of time racing, training and having fun and wanted to give credit where credit is due. They were going to be racing Blake’s “B” bike, the 2015 Yamaha R3 motorcycle. Read more “N2 Track Days & WERA at Pitt Race”

WERA Cycle Jam 2018

June 1-3, 2018


WERA’s annual “Cycle Jam” at Road Atlanta did not start off too well but boy did it finish well. Blake and Mike got to the track Thursday night. That meant Blake would have all day Friday to practice on his motorcycle. Well, that wasn’t exactly how it went down.

Friday’s Motorcycle Practice

As Blake was getting ready to go out for his first practice session, Mike was going over Blake’s 2016 Yamaha R3 (“A” bike) motorcycle and saw that the exhaust was split. So, he quickly went to Blake’s “B bike” (2015 Yamaha R3) and was going to pull the exhaust off of it to use on his “A bike” when he saw that, it too, was split. Ugh, these are M4 Exhausts; the best of the best. What happened?

The good thing was Mike had noticed a race shop just outside the track. So, he and Blake went over there hoping they would be able to weld it and they did. Even though their shop was for cars and Mike and Blake wanted help with their motorcycle exhaust, they were quick and kind. Blake was able to get back in time for his last two practice sessions.

Stickboy Racing is the Bridgestone tire dealer at the WERA events. “Stick”, the owner, helps Mike and Blake figure out which tires would be best at what pressure under various circumstances. Based on where Blake finishes in races he receives contingency money that Stick accepts, reducing tire costs. Stick suggested Blake try a new tire for the weekend’s races, Blake agreed. And based on the two practice sessions he had he thought the new Bridgestone’s were fine. Read more “WERA Cycle Jam 2018”

WERA @ Roebling 5/19-5/20

Racing in the Rain

This weekend’s races were at Roebling Road Raceway in Bloomingdale, Georgia. The forecast called for rain all weekend. But, with two motorcycles, that didn’t bother the pilot (Blake) or the mechanic (Mike). They have Blake’s old motorcycle (2015 Yamaha R3) set up with rain tires already on it so they don’t have to sweat quick tire changes when the rain comes. Now, Blake just jumps from one motorcycle to the other. Another blessing of receiving the sponsorship of the Track Day Winner 2016 Yamaha R3!

Saturday Practice

It wasn’t raining when Blake went out for his first practice on Saturday but the track was a little damp. Even though Mike has been trying to get Blake to be fast early in the day he told Blake not to push it too much; there was no need. His lap times were in the 1:22’s which wasn’t too bad. The last time he was at Roebling racing his best lap time was 1:22:7.
However, Blake was losing his front end (it kept slipping out) whenever he would get on the gas. So, Mike made some adjustments, adding pre-load to the rear. Read more “WERA @ Roebling 5/19-5/20”