Blake bio

Blake Davis Bio

Blake Davis #122

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Birthday: July 23, 2006
Parents: Mike & Shelby Davis
Siblings: Madison, Ross, & Abby
Hobbies: Motorcycles, Bicycles, Wrestling



To professionally represent and promote my sponsors through social networking, a professional track presence, my website, social media, motorcycle forums, and the attention associated with top place finishes.


Blake has been in love with motorcycles ever since he rode his first one around the yard when he was 3 years old. At 4 years old he raced in a couple local motocross races. At 5 years old, in 2012, he won the Birch Creek Riders Club Stadium MX Series for 50cc junior.

At 6 Years old, in 2013, Blake started racing on paved tracks. He raced and won Virginia International Raceway’s (VIR) Supermoto Series in 2013. He also raced Supermoto East Coast (SMEC) series, and won the championship for 14 years old and under.

In 2014, at 7, he repeated winning the SMEC championship with a stunning 1st place finish at every race for the entire year and won VIR’s Supermoto Series also.

At 8 years old, in 2015, Blake won the VIR Supermoto Series and began racing mini classes with the adults; where he has many podium finishes which include races at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA, Herrin Compound in Dublin Ga, U.S. Air International Raceway in Shawano, Wi, Circuit Mecaglisse in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, QC, Cananda, Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL and even at the WERA- GNF.

Two thousand sixteen was a big year! Blake competed in WERA races but only in the Mini & Grom Classes.  Then, July 23, 2016 he turned 10, had a big party at the Herrin Compound with his racing family and was now allowed to race his big bike with WERA!  So, in August he debuted on his Honda RS85 & RS125 won his races, qualified for the Grand National Finals earning two 2nd place finishes there.  Then, after the season was over was congratulated by WERA and informed that they had moved him up to the Expert Class.

In addition to racing

Blake has been a straight A student every year since he started school. According to his teachers he is a noticeable leader in his classes at school. Blake is also involved with “Word of Life” Program at Church where he is awarded for memorization and meeting daily requirements. He has a winning record wrestling for the LCA Bulldog Elementary Club.  His


In 2017 Blake will be competing in the WERA’s Road Racing National Challenge, NE & SE Regions. He will also be racing MiniMoto at the Herrin Compound in their Frostbite and Scorcher Series along with VIR’s SuperMoto Series.  Being a motorcycle fanatic there are other races throughout the U.S. and Canada that he doesn’t want to miss.

Current Sponsors

Lucas oil has been a big help to us the last few years. They also used Blake to support their fund raiser for Rett Syndrome which we continue to support in any way possible.

Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg has been an ongoing sponsor both with parts and labor. We have set up booths at the track to support them. We set up bikes and a booth at their open houses as well as other events around town that they are involved with.

Accutemp Heating and Cooling supports Blake with travel expenses and a place to work on and store bikes and equipment. Blake is featured on their website and we support them with setting up booths at local events.

CE Webs support Blake with ongoing website support. We had an old website that needed to be refreshed and our Social Media links added. They added a Bio page, Schedule page, Sponsors page and made sure the Website is functioning properly.


Kerrigan Smith, Chief Operating Officer at Virginia International Raceway
Joel Johnson, Owner and Operator at Honda Suzuki of Lynchburg
Josh Herrin, MotoAmerican Champion and operator of Herrin Compound
Jayson Kliger, Owner of Turn 9 Motorsports and Owner of Supermoto East Coast