WERA’s 2017 Grand National Finals

November 3-5, 2017

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It seemed like we had to wait forever for WERA’s Grand National Motorcycle Finals to get here. There was a pretty long break between their last motorcycle race and the finals. Blake was so glad to finally get to go down to Barber Motorsports Park and race his motorcycles.

Thursday’s Motorcycle Practice

Thursday was practice day and Blake was able to go out on his Honda RS125 & Yamaha R3 two times each. Blake said he felt good on the RS but not on his R3. His times were good and he got them down lower as practices went on.

Friday’s Sportsman Series Finals

Yamaha R3 Motorcycle Races

By the time Blake’s race came on Friday it had just stopped raining. Mike did not have rain tires for Blake’s Yamaha R3 but Blake wanted to race anyway. He told Mike he would take it easy. So, out he went out for the E SuperStock race. He told of a pass he made on another racer on the outside of a turn and dragging his knee (so much for taking it easy). A few turns later coming into the top of museum, the back stepped out but he was able to keep it up, running into the grass. As he came back on to the track at speed the front end tucked and he crashed. It took so long to get back in to the pits, get the motorcycle fixed, and have the officials tech the motorcycle again that he missed his second race (D SuperStock).

Honda RS Motorcycle Races


Formula 2 was Blake’s first race on Saturday. This is the class he uses for seat time. He came in 9th out of 17; not too shabby. Read more “WERA’s 2017 Grand National Finals”

Scorcher Series Round #5

Herrin Compound Motorcycle Races

Decisions, decisions, boy it’s hard to make them sometimes, even about which motorcycle race to go to. This weekend Supermoto East Coast was holding their final round of the season at VIR AND the Herrin Compound was holding the final Scorcher Series round. Blake decided to go to the Herrin Compound thinking he would get more training time in and he had been to more of the rounds there than he had with SMEC. So, to Georgia they went.

Saturday’s Practice

Saturday was practice day. Blake only did one session on his KTM65 he spent the rest of the day on his Honda Stock 100. He had fun being on the track with James Stroud. James pushes Blake to be better and is helpful critiquing Blake’s skills. He pushed Blake and Blake was able to do a 43:8; which was Blake’s fastest lap time on the Stock100. Read more “Scorcher Series Round #5”

WERA – Little Talley, August 2017

Motorcycle Race Report


Talladega Gran Prix was the place, WERA was the series, motorcycles were the vehicles, and Blake was the racer. The skies were clear, the sun was hot (very hot; the heat index was 111 degrees); everything was set in place for a good race weekend.

Saturday Blake practiced on his Grom and Yamaha R3. Those were the motorcycles he was going to be racing that day. The Honda Grom in the Grom class and the Yamaha R3 in the Lightweight Solo race.

Saturday’s Grom Race


The Grom race was really uneventful. The first two racers had a big lead on Blake and so he pretty much just rode by himself around the track. In fact, afterwards a few different people questioned Blake about whether his Grom was running okay or not. It was fine. The Grom class is a stock class and Blake’s motorcycle was just not able to keep up with the others. Read more “WERA – Little Talley, August 2017”

Track Day Winner @ NCM

Track Day Training – August 12-13, 2017

NCM Motorsports Park is adjacent to the National Corvette Museum and the Corvette assembly plant. It is “the largest car museum in the world dedicated to a single model” (http://motorsportspark.org/about/). Track Day Winner was hosting a motorcycle track day at the Motorsports Park, Miles Thornton was game to help Blake with training, and Mike was his ride to get there, so Blake was ready to go!


Miles is from Georgia and drove up to Bowling Green, Kentucky to meet Mike and Blake at the motorcycle track. Cam Moorehead, with AXcess Racing, LLC was kind enough to loan his motorcycle for Miles to ride and coach Blake. Cam is a huge promoter of motorcycle racing to kids and their families and this was another way he showed his passion. I suppose it takes a “moto-village” to raise up a motorcycle racer!

Saturday-Training on Honda RS125

motorcycle Read more “Track Day Winner @ NCM”

WERA National Challenge @ VIR

Motorcycle Race Report August 2017

This weekend was Blake’s motorcycle racing debut at his “home track” Virginia International Raceway. He has raced Supermoto on the kart track at VIR for 4 years but this was his first race on the big track. Being that the race was an hour and a half from home many friends and family came out to support Blake. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and Blake showed off pretty well for them also. Read more “WERA National Challenge @ VIR”